Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Good, The Bad & The Bella: A 600 Mile (1000 km) Review

The Beginning - From Bella's Perspective
For two years I sat at Rock Moto Sport. Sure, there was a lot of interest. There always is. People come and go. They fondle me in ways I'd rather not be touched. Some even hop on without so much as asking permission. One guy in particular accidentally scratched the top of my chrome tank (albeit lightly, but still...) with the cuff of his leather jacket sleeve next to my brown leather belt on the left side. I was annoyed as was Michael Oborne, a salesman at Rock Moto Sport, but what could they do? Others came in promising to get back to them by week's end only never to return. I know I am not to everyone's taste. They think I am high maintenance, what with my candy apple red frame, chrome tank and suede seat. Others find my number 7 plates too poserish. To them I say how many posers can run 250 miles (450 km) without having to stop for petrol all whilst doing the ton? Still, I didn't want just anyone to buy me. I have seen many other bikes be bought by folks only to be sold soon afterwards or worse, wrecked. While some of the Kawasakis were particularly interested in the "young crowd", I had hoped for someone a little more mature, preferably with nothing to prove. Someone like me, who knew their own limitations as well as mine.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Riding Pillion on a Moto Guzzi V7 Racer By Jennifer (aka 'Kitten') Corbin

Jennifer (aka The Old Lady) Corbin
It is easy to get into the saddle, with no protruding parts to clamber over, no saddlebags or awkward pipes to negotiate. When you first pull away, the bike moves pretty aggressively, but then I have the core strength of a noodle and it’s probably why I noticed that. Equally, with braking you need to be able to brace yourself quite well, there is no sense of being “wedged into” the bike as in most other bikes I have been a passenger on. The seat was quite comfortable, and the fact that it was quite broad and allows you to sit close to the driver lends a sense of security. Ironically, having less space to sit on is more comfortable to me than on larger bikes such as the Intruder or the Drifter where I have felt nervous that I was sliding back or slipping off every time the bike accelerated. This kind of riding set up would probably not suit someone who likes to lean back on a sissy bar backrest or even hold on to grab bars rather than the driver. For me I like to hold on tightly around the waist of the driver and be able to feel what they are doing rather than be tied on like a piece of luggage on the back, so a café racer style is more my cup of …café?