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Exploring the Unknown
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Barry’s Bay, Ontario Canada: A Year in the Making

Junkyard Villain
This was going to be a back country ride of 941 KM door to door and back, which was planned by my buddy Wolf. It was a ride that would take us into Ontario, Canada just on the outskirts of the Algonquin Park, all the while taking back roads. Our plan was to take no major highways and once again, Wolf did not disappoint with the ride plan.

The four of us (Wolf, Chris, Mike and myself), met at Tim Horton’s in Dorval, Quebec. 

Stands up was 8:00AM, and although it was only 7 degree’s Celsius we had the sun on our sides, and off we went. It was a little cool at times, however the sound of my Harley Davidson Heritage Classic, the guy’s I was riding with, the roads, the barns all warmed me enough so that I was not even aware of the temperature.

Dead Barns just do it for me.
We stopped in Merrickville to stretch our legs, and then we hit the road once again. When we arrived in Smith Falls, Ontario the rain started. It was soft and gentle at first and once we hit Silver Lake the rain started pounding us just like I had hoped it would not, however I remember smiling ear to ear. I could not see well through my goggles but I was dry and I was riding.

We stopped for grub mid afternoon in Plevna, Ontario. A nice little family style restaurant, grocery store and gas station and as we walked in to have a bite, the rain stopped. We fuelled our bellies and got back on the road.

Dead Barn north of Plevna
The air was cooler but the route got even better. No traffic, No Problem. 

We arrived at our rental cottage just after 5:00PM so with gas stops, lunch we had a solid 9 hours on the road.

It was a really nice cottage at Sunnyhill Resort and we had brought everything we need to have a nice warm meal, good wine, music and conversation. 

I was the first to call it a day, however I suspect even though I fell a sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow the boy's where not far behind me. 

We had another early stands up for our 450 KM ride home, and when we woke up, it was 2 degree’s celsisus and we had snow flakes....BURRR!

The sun gave us a little hope only to disappear soon afterwards, however we packed up and hit the road.

We stopped at Tim Horton’s in Barry's Bay for a quick breakfast and cup of hot coffee and we once again hit the back roads winding our way southeast towards home.

Warm Enough?
The ride was wonderful. There was no need to stop to often because it seemed we all needed / wanted to ride for the pleasure and Wolf had us taking some really nice roads with more barns, farmland and at one point, I felt a familiar feeling like I was having a deja vu...

This time our lunch spot was in Carleton Place and although lunch was perhaps not the most healthy, we needed the carbs to keep us warm..oh...and the Chicken Wings where tasty...

Again, back on the road with nothing but our thoughts to keep us company.

Stretch our legs and take a picture or two..
If you ride, then you understand the therapeutic properties long winding roads can offer. Until the next journey, I have fantastic memories of yet another great ride to get me there.



  1. Awesome ride! Do you have a route map of your trip?

  2. Unfortunately I do not have a ride plan as the journey was planned by our buddy Wolf (aka: Vagabond) and I had to swear to the Motorcycle gods that I would never share any ride plans...being I am a man of my word I ate the ride plan prior to Stands up. Ontario has so many beautiful roads so I know you will find some hidden gems.
    Bring on the season!