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Saturday, June 18, 2016

DesTination: CooKshIre BiKe ShOw

The year could be 1966, that's how the event, indeed, the day felt.
Located in Cookshire Eaton, the Cookshire Bike Show runs every year in June. I had attempted to attend several years ago but when we arrived it was immediately clear that we were way too early. Nothing had been set up and only a handful of bikes were to be seen. So I thought to myself this time would be different. This year the event took place on June 17 and 18. I played it smart and showed up today, thus ensuring that everything would be set up. So you can imagine my surprise when I arrived to see the display tent for the "bike show" was nearly empty. Their were plenty of vendors of course, all of whom were selling their crap for a ridiculous amount of money. There were even food vendors up and running and selling Hot Dogs for $4.00. You know, the kind that you can buy for 25 Cents back in the day. But still, not all was lost, I did manage to get some pictures of some bikes being displayed. However, to be perfectly honest with you, the majority of bikes worth any interest were the ones being parked out back by the hoards of bikers arriving.

The picture doesn't do this bike Justice
To say that I did not enjoy what little I saw would be false though. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be a dick and criticize the event unfairly. It's just that I have been to my fair share of bike shows. This felt more like a swap meet but without, well, the swap meet. Perhaps that is what is missing from the event. I know I still have plenty of skeletons still in my closet (from previous bikes I owned).  It would be nice to have some place to sell or exchange them for more crap that I don't need. Kinda like fleabay but with actual fleas and oh yeah, human contact! ;-)

Custom Painted Tanks Ready For Purchase
Motos Illimitées sponsors this event. They had several bikes on displays, mostly Indian Motorcycles. Some of you may remember that I bought Mr. T, my Yamaha TW200 from them back in October 2013. I can't believe its been three years already. So much has changed since then, not least of all that I have moved on from the little T-Dub and now ride Bella, my Moto Guzzi V7 Racer. I digress. Here are some pictures of what they have on offer.

Indian Scout
Custom Rear End...

Comes With Its Own BBQ Apparently!
Indian Scout 62'
I have to say I really like the Indian Scout. The 62' starts at just over $10 grand. That puts it squarely under the $11, 600 that a new 2016 Moto Guzzi V7 Racer II will cost. Not too shabby if I do say so myself (Of course, I would never give up Bella for one!). Other attractions included...

Um, Yeah, So Spider-Man is a Biker Too Apparently!
He was VERY protective of his bike. 
Can you guess the make and model of this bike?
(Hint: It Rhymes With Viagra.. kinda)
If you thought this was a BMW Art Deco Bike...
Sorry, but no. It's a shell on top of a Yamaha Virago!
Still, Pretty Kewl...
Apparently motorcycle shows take sculptures now!
Had I know, I would have had my students Art Show here!
The seat is unique... Wouldn't want to ride Bitch on this! ;-)

Medusa's Ride
As paint jobs go, this is pretty amazing.

A Bike Well Used...
This guy has been everywhere with his bike! :-)
Who needs a BMW GS, eh? ;-)
The Perfect Trike

Hello Kitty?
The Paper Mache Bike! lol 

Supercycle from the 1930's... Very Sweet!
That Supercycle (pictured above) from the 1930's was sweet! I'd love to get my hands on a Royal Enfield Flying Flea someday. It is very similar in stature to the Supercycle. I found myself spending as much time in the parking area as I did the "bike show". To be fair, however, I want to point out that people were arriving with their bikes. Even the fella above with his Supercycle had just arrived. I am not sure why they didn't keep their bikes at the show overnight with security though as it breaks continuity. Perhaps they had different folks exhibiting their bikes the day before? I just don't know.

Who's a pretty Bella?
Bella Chilling With a Harley-Davidson
You're A Pretty Bella! :-)

Apparently I wasn't Bella's only admirer that day! 
So in short, if you are thinking of heading out to spend the weekend at the Cookshire Bike Show, you have to ask yourself, what exactly are you looking for in a bike show? As it stands, at least where it comes to the actual "bike show" part of the event, I was sorely disappointed. There were bikes that I didn't even bother taking pictures of because, well, frankly, nothing had been done to them other than standard accessories bolted on. Based on the majority of the bikes being presented as show bikes, I could have just as easily put Bella into the show and had a seriously good chance of winning. Not because my bike is better, but rather, that is how little effort so many folks seemed to have put into their bikes. Moto Guzzi took more time putting something unique together than the majority of folks there did. The more noticeable bikes of course were great, but they were drowned in mediocrity. Which is a shame really as more time and effort could have been put into making the "bike" part of the show better. Of course, the show also offered live music, camping, and a few fun fair activities. It wasn't until I left that I noticed that at the other end of the event were five classic cars side by side gathering dust. There were no signs even indicating that they had classic cars on view. They could have taken the few show bikes that they actually had (even Spiderman's bike was cool) and placed it along side these classic cars to give the show that extra oomph. 

Not A Barn, But Still Pretty Haunting... Don't You Agree Mr. Hart?
All was not lost, however, as I ended up spending no less than 30 minutes at the show and later, roughly 6 hours riding in and around the Eastern Townships today! I couldn't tell you the names of every place I rode through, I just know that I ended up in Thetford Mines at one point. I nearly made it to Quebec City but got lost and in doing so found other little treasures that made me feel like I was riding within a painting.

For Sale!
$12, 500 Canadian
Owner's Name is Jacques Laplante
I have his number if you are interested!

Rust In Peace :-(
I am happy to report that Bella ran beautifully never missing a beat and taking every hill in stride. If there was a complaint it would be about my Vintage Gunfighter Corbin Seat. The first 800 miles or so were bliss. However, the last few trips found me wishing I had an ass made out of helium. I have owned a Corbin seat in the past for Serenity, my former Suzuki Intruder 1400, and everything was fine. So hopefully this is the "breaking (my ass) in phase" that I managed to avoid with my former Corbin seat and it will pass. Though, in fairness, I did ride for over four hours or so with no discomfort whatsoever. Thus, perhaps my ass is just too old now? For anyone contemplating buying a Moto Guzzi but are still uncertain, don't be. I have to say that this bike never fails to amaze me. Having already completed her 600 mile (1000 km) service, I have to say that the bike just keeps getting better with every mile/kilometre. I have a great dealer (how rare is it to hear that, eh?) and thus far its been a fantastic purchase all around. If you can lock in the latter and be willing to break your bike in properly, I don't see why anyone would ever be disappointed with this machine. It handles two up riding perfectly even on hills and twisties, has amazing range and mileage and can get me out of a jam in a cinch. She is happiest at 75 miles p/hr (125/130kilometers); which is terrible because she is going to get me into trouble with our police (our speed limit here is 60 miles/ 100 km p/hr) and can go all day, any day, without so much as a complaint. It's the kind of bike that actually grows with you. Not to mention that she has to be one of the few bikes out there that looks as good sitting still as she does rolling around the back roads.

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