Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown
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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Care & Keeping of Mystical Beasts

Photo © Chuck Dillon 
Tales of yonder speak of mythic creatures known generally as students and teachers. Locked in an eternal struggle these two beasts have battled each other, though no one knows for certain why or how it all began. Some say it all started when teacher and student argued about who came first? Fortunately, with a little time and the right snacks, these two species can learn to co-exist. The key to success lies within your ability to determine what kind of teacher or student you are. Perhaps you enjoy the thrill of procrastination or maybe you relish the safety and security of starting things early?! As no two teachers or students are alike, the many labels found on this site will help you navigate the mystery of pedagogy... and no that is not a kind of sausage!

All in a Day's Work
Throughout our many years of not only teaching but being students as well we have come across all sorts of situations including but not limited to your typical Rotten Apples, Tips Tricks & Tools of the Trade and subjects that may have been interesting but the way which the material was delivered was enough to euthanize a dog. From starting as a new teacher trying to make sense of your new school whilst keeping your class entertained to students within them trying to find a healthy balance between maintaining their "cool factor" whilst also protecting their precious GPAs and R-Scores, many of the labels you will find here endeavours to help teachers and students alike.

Help Me, Help You!
Inspired by former teachers and yet, remembering those other academics that made us cringe, we use a variety of materials and teaching methods that we would have liked ourselves as students back in the day. Active learning is key to both student and teacher success as we draw upon a variety of methods and  resources such as field trips, class activities, games and movies or documentaries whenever and wherever appropriate. Whilst not every plan works out the way we would like it too, the point is not to give up and as they say, try, try again! So roll up your sleeves, sit back and get ready to waive your fist from time to time; laugh with us (or at us) as we occasionally stumble; and perhaps shed a tear every so often as when we think all is lost and just when we are ready to throw in the towel some student goes and makes us feel guilty by telling us how much they actually enjoyed our class. (Usually the one's I swore hated my guts - go figure!)

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