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Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Brief Encounter With Ms. Taylor By L. Farrell

Astral Travel is not a topic that can be covered in one blog. However, suffice it to say that everybody goes astral when they sleep. Lucid dreaming, knowing you are dreaming, is a good example. In this state we can take control, heal ourselves and so forth. William Buhlman discusses Astral Projection in depth on The Moore Show (see below). However, allow me to share my own experiences with astral projection. My experiences may be helpful to those really interested in delving into the subject.

My Brief Encounter With Ms. Taylor

Photo © TheGuardian.com
Elizabeth Taylor, at the time my favourite movie star, and Richard Burton, visited Toronto shortly after my Hindu Void experience. They had just left a nightclub on Yonge Street when some idiot in a convertible hurled foul-mouthed insults at the silver screen goddess. I was outraged! Mind you, it was some time after the incident that I read about it. Still, It  gave me the idea to try to visit her out-of-body. That night I tried a new technique. First I relaxed myself. Then I pictured Miss Taylor in my mind. Her image distorted, wavered, and did everything else imaginable but stay constant and clear in my head. Nevertheless, I persisted, and after about twenty minutes I felt myself blanking out. I let it happen.

Photo © MindUnleashed.org
Awareness returned. I found myself in a strange bedroom. It was dark, but there was enough light coming in through the partially open doorway leading out of the room, to allow me to view my surroundings. There was a bed to my left piled high with coats and purses. My attention, however, was drawn to the doorway. I peered through it. The room I looked into was gigantic! Well-dressed people were milling about drinking cocktails served by dignified old waiters in tails. Leading from the bedroom, and going deep into the room, veering to the left and losing itself behind the crowd, was a plush red cord strung about four feet above the floor. It created a corridor that led into the bedroom. Coming down that passage were two women. One was blonde and wore a white cocktail dress that fell just below the knee. The other woman had dark hair. She was wearing a duplicate of the white dress, but in black. I recognized the blonde. It was the beautiful Janet Leigh.

Photo © Biography.com
The dark-haired beauty was, of course, Elizabeth Taylor. I watched as they approached the doorway. They were only a few feet away when Miss Leigh hesitated, stopped, turned her head and looked directly at me. Her eyes widened, and then her hand flew to her mouth, stifling a scream. Startled, I felt myself being pulled back. But, no, I wasn’t going to let it happen! At least, not until I had made eye contact with Elizabeth Taylor! I willed myself to remain. Miss Taylor stared curiously at her friend for a few seconds, then turned to see what it was that was upsetting her. She saw me. Her eyes widened. For a split second our eyes locked, then I could no longer hold on. Consciousness faded. It wasn’t like the time I had gone to the void. The moment awareness returned I was able to move. I didn’t, though. I lay there and let it all go through my head, imprinting every detail on my memory. It hadn’t gone as planned, but I had no doubt that I had made an impression. And, who knows, one day it might get verified.

For more information check out Benjamin Radford's article Astral Projection: Just a Mind Trip.

About The Author

L. Farrel has written several books on a wide variety of topics, both fiction and non-fiction. Some titles include I Have To Hurt You, Scratch, and He Died in Childbirth. Although retired, Farrell still puts pen to paper from time to time.

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