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Exploring the Unknown
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Friday, July 8, 2016

Ride to Eran, Sagar District, MP By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

For such an important historical site, eran is hardly mentioned in our history books and even on road sign boards near the village (by the way, for at least 6 kms to this place roads cease to exist, one gets a feeling of travelling back in time when going towards eran on loose gravel tracks). This site is the best and the oldest example of the early Gupta Era temples dating back to 350 CE. I fail to understand why our historians and education boards have conveniently omitted the mention of this historical treasure trove from our curriculum.

An inquisitive visitor can find three prominent giants here. First the 12 feet tall monolithic sculpture of the varaha (the boar incarnation of vishnu). second, one will come across a humongous statue of vishnu and third, the 48 feet monolithic pillar with a two faced statue of some monarch with a buddhist dharmachakra wheel. Apart from these prominent structures one can also see an earliest version of the Narshima (man lion avatar of vishnu) lying on his back because the ASI people could not find a way to have it re-erected (those lazy buggers). Read more here.

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Pics & Words © Sabya Sachi Ghosh

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