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Exploring the Unknown
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ride to Maladevi Temple of Gyaraspur, Vidisha, MP By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

Maladevi Temple of Gyaraspur, Vidisha, MP
Being an ardent fan of Dali I think I had already seen the landscape around the Maladevi Temple in one of his paintings (of course Dali did not paint the Maladevi Temple) and other times I often dreamt of such landscapes. But never have I seen a more beauteous ruin placed atop a cliff that overlooks a horseshoe shaped valley...

Well the Maladevi is a large structure that seems to be crumbling in parts....but giving it a closer scrutiny one is relieved to see that this wonder will last for another thousand year or more. here the MP govt. has taken great care to maintain the environment around the structure.

Situated on a huge platform on a hill slope, the temple consists of entrance porch, a hall & sanctum surrounded by a Pradakshinapatha. The sanctum is crowned with a sikhara. Though at present there are Jain images in shrine a figure of a goddess occupying the dedicatory block on the outer door frame and other decorative sculptures indicates that the temple was dedicated to Adinath and it is dated to 9th-10th Century AD. 

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Pics & Words © Sabya Sachi Ghosh

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