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Saturday, July 2, 2016

SQUAWK By Megan Coles

Squawk by Megan Coles a story about growing up and the difficulties faced by teenagers as they struggle to find who they are and where they belong.  Annie is not your average teenager. She’s feisty. She’s sharp. She’s aboriginal. And she’s aging out of foster care on her next birthday. Annie is coming face to face with the biggest decision of her life and she has no one to rely on except herself. Where should she go? Who should she trust? Should she return to northern Canada and live off the land with her traditional grandmother? Or remain in a southern city where aboriginal girls like her go missing? Lost somewhere between her past, present and future, Annie uses the video game world to fight through her fears and move to the next level in the game and in her life. Can Annie overcome the obstacles to win the day for herself?

Geordie Productions

I am Shyam Anandampillai, the schools liaison for Geordie Productions, an English language theatre company based in Montreal. I am writing to you to update you about our touring play Squawk for high school and CEGEP students.   

As we continue to tour across Quebec, we are seeing that this socially relevant and important play is being very well received, especially by girls and young women of color as it drives home the message of empowerment. In fact, one teacher commented that

“Students and teachers appreciated the strong female character. It is refreshing to experience a text in which the female character is not dependent on a male. We have had many discussions on this topic in recent years. This performance enhanced our discussions”.
We have the following dates available right now in December– December 1st, 2nd or 3rd (We have other many other dates from January to April 8th). Also remember that we come to you and perform this 50 minute play during regular class hours.

About Squawk

Squawk  is written by an Aboriginal writer, Megan Coles and it highlights themes of friendship, resilience and empathy. This socially relevant also play incorporates multimedia elements and projection and is quite a spectacle. We can perform in an auditorium, a large room, gym, community center or theater.

The play incorporates animated projections which the actors interact with and comes with a free teachers’ study guide (see below).

Costs & Contact

The regular costs for the 2015-2016 Season are $725 for 1 show, $1400 for 2 shows, and $2100 for 3 shows.  I sincerely hope you would have us at your institution to showcase this important play. Thank you and please contact me with any questions.

Shyam Anandampillai 
Schools Liaison 
Geordie Productions 
(514) 845-9810 
Fax: (514) 845-3634 

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