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Friday, July 1, 2016

Zen & The Hart of Riding

The Morning Began with a 167 km Ride To Mr. Hart's House!
The day began at 5 am. The promise of a warm and sunny day was only made better by the fact that I would be riding with a very special buddy of mine. Percy is the epitome of zen. He is the kind of guy that inspires you to look past the petty headaches of day to day life and focus on the present. Who better to ride with than. Percy brought me vis a vis some roads that I hadn't ridden since The Snake back in 2013. In honour of the tone set by today's ride, less is more and a picture speaks a thousand words. We hope you enjoy them!

Mr. Hart (aka Junkyard Villain)
Grenville Quebec
The Border Between Quebec and Ontario
A Little to The Left...
The Cat's Meow
Oka River Ferry To Hudson
Lovely Day For A Swim
Good Bye Oka!
Sail Away With Me
Bella Getting To Know A New Friend!
Row, Row, Row Your Ferry...
Morty's Driving School - Lucky Students!
Toothpick Bay
Bella Was Feeling A Tad Nervous About Her First Ferry Ride...
I Spy...
Pretty Bella
Looking Good Mr. Hart
DesTination NoWhere
Harley's Eye View
Bella Has a Lovely Rear End, Don't You Think?
Caption This! ;)
Thank You Percy For An Awesome Day!


  1. Great to meet Bella and of course to see you my friend. Loved how Bella kept staring at my ass on the road...