Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DesTination: Starfleet Academy - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

Canada's capital, Ottawa, isn't known for its night life. But then again, the idea of a night life takes on entirely new meaning when your toting three kids with you. Situated three and half hours away from where we live, we figured we'd squeeze in one last family vacation before school starts again. Ottawa boasts many cultural attractions including but not limited to the three venues we visited during our short stay this August. Namely The Canada Aviation and Space Museum which was also home to the Starfleet Academy Experience for a short period of time and The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum allows free entry if you purchase tickets to the Starfleet Academy Experience. We booked our tickets online and chose a time to visit. The museum advises you to arrive at least fifteen minutes early before your entry time into the Starfleet. However, being an aviation museum, we decided to arrive two hours early. We are happy we did as the aviation museum was stunning and the two hours before visiting Starfleet was well worth it. There was an array of aircraft and surprisingly, some classic motorcycles and a few cars thrown in for good measure. The museum very cleverly catered to the young and there was a short yet sweet space camp experience for kids that allowed parents to explore the museum in peace whilst the kids flew to the moon and back again!

George Frederick "Buzz" Beurling

The Starfleet Academy Experience

Situated a stone's throw away from the above museum, the Starfleet Academy Experience is part of a celebration of 50 years of Star Trek. As Jen remarked, husbands were eagerly anticipating the sights and sounds they were about to see whilst many of their wives and children followed along dutifully. As we entered the front doors we heard a young child up front yell STAR WARS! I can't help but wish I could see his little face when Chewie and R2 would be no where to be seen. Alas, I have to confess I am one of the lucky ones as my wife and children absolutely love TREK (or so they allow me to believe anyways) and there is a healthy staple of Star Trek being served up in our home on a regular basis thanks to Netflix.

That Captain's Chair Seems A Tad big For Captain Jennifer Fawcett
Sigh... How I wish Star Trek was for realsies... :-(
Wesley Crusher Has Nothing On My Little Ensign!
Admittedly, I think she may actually believe she travelled the cosmos...

Ooooh, So Many Buttons o Press...
I couldn't help but think how annoyed
Captain Picard would have been to see so many children on his bridge

Fire All Phasers... ;-)

The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

The second day we met up with a lovely friend and her little boy again and visited the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. This is a wonderful place for kids to visit, as evidenced by the hundreds of day camp kids coming over from Gatineau, Quebec to see the animals that day. I even met a calf who had been named Captain Kirk... so even farm animals can be fans too apparently! It has several activities and learning centres for kids to engage in. However, unlike the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, there are only vending machines in the cafeteria section so be sure to bring a pic nic. Personally, I found it strange that the Agriculture and Food museum would be devoid of any amenities that served food but hey, what do I know, I'm just a city boy at heart.

Meet Captain Kirk
Apparently he's as friendly as the real
Kirk was with the Ladies... tsk tsk...

I Hope You Enjoyed The Pictures!
Ottawa is an affordable and fun city to visit. It's easy to drive in too as the outer ring surrounding the city allows you to get from one corner to the next with ease. Everywhere we wanted to go was only twenty minutes away at most. There are plenty of hotel deals, so be picky and choose the best option that works for you. It doesn't matter where you stay in lieu of the aforementioned point. I had so many more pictures to show you, especially of the Starfleet Academy Experience. However, the lighting at The Canada Aviation and Space Museum was far from ideal for anything less than a professional camera. In any case, whether you are looking to take off on a family adventure or simply go solo on two wheels, the trip is worth it especially for those with a penchant for vintage vehicles and a need to boldly go where most wives and children would rather avoid.

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