Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spring 2017 Maritimes Wishlist - Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada

Cape Spear Lighthouse - Most eastern point in North America.
Cape Spear, Newfoundland Canada
Pic © Shutterstock
As December fast approaches we saw the last of our unusually warm weather here in Quebec this past Saturday. For good measure, people were out and about on their Honda Furies, Harley-Davidson Forty-Eights and BMW R nine Ts. I found myself resenting Old Man Winter as the next day we saw snowfall. Twenty-five centimeters worth of snowfall to be exact. Global warming giveth and it taketh away. Whilst Bella stays snug and warm during the next few months, I find myself already counting down the days until spring is here and with it, a promise of new adventures to come. One such adventure is a trip I plan to take to the Maritimes, specifically, Cape Spear, the most easterly point of Canada.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Motorcycle Show (1955) By BRITISH PATHÉ

SV. Teddy bears riding Philips motorcycles for children. SV. Motorcycles, pan up to Teddy bears. LV. Girl seated on 'Beeza' scooter, & SCU. LV. Another girl seating on the 'Excelsior' scooter. Front view of 'Excelsior', pan up to a girl sitting on scooter. LV. The Ariel 650 C.C. Hunt Master twin motorcycle. CU. Front wheel of Ariel. CU. Engine. SV. Girl seated on the Power-Pak moped. CU. Engine on Power-Pak bike and girl's legs. GV. Interior of cycle show. LV. Large sign 'Hercules'. SV. Girl sitting on the Hercules 'Grey-Wolf'. LV. Tony Hoare (left) and Brian Robinson, looking at the Hercules racer 'Tour De France Equipe' bicycle (cost $27). These two boys were the first Englishmen to finish the three thousand miles Tour de France in the 50 years in which it has been held. CU. Tony Hoare and Brian Robinson looking at bike. LV. The supercharge Triumph on which Johnny Allen from Texas reached 190 m.p.h. on the salt flats of Utah. Front view showing streamlined Triumph. SV. Man cycling around corner towards camera on a miniature bicycle.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

10 Tips for Your First Ever Sparring Session - A Review

10 Tips for Your First Ever Sparring Session
By JT Van T

Nothing scratches an itch like a 16oz boxing glove right hook to your jaw. Yesterday was my first sparring session and all things considered, I was told that I did pretty well. Though, I can imagine that my boxing instructors weren't too sure of me at first. Excited and nervous, I accidentally put the groin protector on the wrong way and nearly jumped into the ring with 12oz gloves (*Facepalm). It was also the first day that they allowed us to to spar together in the ring with an instructor and or experienced boxer. No offence to Bob the Punching Bag, but nothing quite prepares you the way that sparring with an actual partner does.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Girl Racer (1962) By BRITISH PATHÉ

Mrs Beryl Swain is a housewife with an unusual hobby for a woman - she competes in motorcycle races. We first see Beryl out shopping with a friend. She looks into the window of a baker's shop. Footage of motorbikes being polished. C/U of Beryl putting on a crash helmet. We see Beryl moving off towards the start line. Various shots of bikers waiting for a race to start. Shots of the race and of spectators. Beryl seems to do quite well. Beryl's husband watches her progress.