Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Motorcycle Show (1955) By BRITISH PATHÉ

SV. Teddy bears riding Philips motorcycles for children. SV. Motorcycles, pan up to Teddy bears. LV. Girl seated on 'Beeza' scooter, & SCU. LV. Another girl seating on the 'Excelsior' scooter. Front view of 'Excelsior', pan up to a girl sitting on scooter. LV. The Ariel 650 C.C. Hunt Master twin motorcycle. CU. Front wheel of Ariel. CU. Engine. SV. Girl seated on the Power-Pak moped. CU. Engine on Power-Pak bike and girl's legs. GV. Interior of cycle show. LV. Large sign 'Hercules'. SV. Girl sitting on the Hercules 'Grey-Wolf'. LV. Tony Hoare (left) and Brian Robinson, looking at the Hercules racer 'Tour De France Equipe' bicycle (cost $27). These two boys were the first Englishmen to finish the three thousand miles Tour de France in the 50 years in which it has been held. CU. Tony Hoare and Brian Robinson looking at bike. LV. The supercharge Triumph on which Johnny Allen from Texas reached 190 m.p.h. on the salt flats of Utah. Front view showing streamlined Triumph. SV. Man cycling around corner towards camera on a miniature bicycle.

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