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Exploring the Unknown
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rock The Cause Montreal No.6

It's all about the kids!
Rock The Cause Montreal

On November 19, 2016 a bunch of people from different walks of life hosted a party with awesome local Montreal bands with the simple goal of raising money for the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation and to have a great night of live music.

The evening had a few glitches as does everyday life, however over all I believe it is safe to say, everyone had an amazing time. The bands played from the heart and gave their very best. The patons opened their wallets and their hearts and helped make RTC No 6 the best since it's humble beginnings.

Dwane Dixon

Dwane Dixon and his band consisting of Max Pollack on bass and David Devine on drums headlined the show this year, and let me tell you, they kicked some serious ass on stage. I really don't get out enough!!!

This professional tight sounding trio Rocked the Cause and the house. I can tell you anyone who was at the show would agree, you have to get out and see these guys and please support Dwane by purchasing his CD "Working Man Blues". I have my copy and Holy Smokes...ROCK on boys!

Who's Driving
This was not Who's Driving first rodeo, and RTCM was proud to have them come play for the kids again this year. Live, heartfelt and acoustic music is my personal favourite type music and that is exactly what was delivered.

If you want to see two of the most passionate, loving and gifted people " Feel " the music, you got to get out and support them. Who's Driving consists of Drew Slaney and Caroline Venor and they have recently released their latest CD called "No Plan B" and I am proud to say, I have a copy...and LOVE it.


Zebraes kicked ass with classic rock and we would be remiss if we did not congratulate Jane L. Reichel, Guy Duggan Fournier, Debbie Ethier, Nick Alabanese, Francois Constantin and Philippe Leduc for doing something not many people can get me to do which is dance.

You guy's ROCKED and we loved having you play for the kids. Thank you!

Glass Dreams

Glass Dreams is a new band just recently created through our new friends "League of Rock Montreal" which consists of Josh Van Sprang, Justin Duhaime, Cedric Duaine, Tristain Moreau and Matthew Couillard.

These guy's may not have been together long, but their passion and determination surely earned them respect from all the musicans and patons in the room this past Saturday, so thank you boy's for Rocking the Cause with us. It was a real pleasure having you and we look forward to seeing and hearing you guys again.

Junkyard Villain

As much as I wanted to take a step back this year and just be part of the team that helped put this years fundraiser together, my kid brother insisted I take the stage to help promote my newly launched self titled CD.

The purpose of creating the CD was simply to try and help raise the amount of money our annual donation to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation would be, and donate all profits from the sales from the CD to the Kids.

With online sales through our donation page and hand to hand sales of the CD at this past weekends Rock The Cause No.6, as well as the CD Launch at Cafe Mariposa and a gig at the Side Door Cafe, we manged to beat our goal of  a $1500 donation in CD sales.

It's not too late to make a donation...and if you are interested in doing so, please feel free to clink the link below and help the kids.

Every Little Bit Helps! Donate Now - Thanks!

This past weekends show has so far raised a total donation of $9570.00  and this would not have been possible without you who attended and of course our wonderful sponsor's who donate cheques, door and raffle prizes far to special and many to name here.

Your generous donations helped make Rock The Cause even more special and here is a shout out to the following individuals and companies for their donations.

Global's Kim and Yannick, League of Rock Montreal, AutoMedic, Imagine Esthetique, Jimmy Zarboni, Sylvain Lachiaine, Le Pioneer, Skillz Tattoo, Chez Biggs, Frankie Tattoo, Mercuri Restaurant, Salone Ricthie, Bob's Bobber Shop, Sherry Roberts, Salon Chatelle Concept, Monster Gym, Wynne Parkin, Worley, SPS Custom, Scott Sinclair, Honda Vaudreuil, Squirrel and her team, Marie-Clair, 13 Beard Oil and Balms, Mike Decker and Jason Rockman.

To our most valuable team who ran the show from the door to security and ticket sales... your all awesome.

Thank you from team RTCM
Brothers Hart

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  1. Excellent work Mr. Hart! You are an inspiration for us all. Keep up the good work!