Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Moto Guzzi V7 Stornello / MotoGeo Review

After the dual-sport Slab City Adventure, MotoGeo brings you the lowdown on the limited edition and very stylish V7 Stornello from Moto Guzzi. 
- MotoGeo

Just when I thought I would be satisfied with just Bella in my stable... ;-)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Wall Of Death Girl (1963) By BRITISH PATHÉ

"Ms. Cindy Willis, 17, riding scooter along the sea front. Panning shot Cindy riding off street into 'Kursaal' fairground. Cindy parks scooter outside 'Wall of Death' stunt show. Cindy enters cylindrical 'Wall of Death'. Inside she greets 'Tornado' Smith as she removes her coat and helmet. Cindy and 'Tornado' chat and prepare their bikes for the stunt. Cindy rides around in circles, the momentum allows her to ride the walls of the cylinder. Various shots of Cindy riding helmet-less around 'Wall of Death'. Various shots spectators watching from top of wall. Various shots 'Tornado' riding wall. Various shots of both riders going around wall. Narrator comments that after filming, ironically, Cindy failed her scooter test!"

Does anyone know what happened to Cindy Willis (I think her real first name was Sylvia)? Or if she ever passed her test?! Adrian Riley says she moved to America. If you have any information, let us know in the comment section below!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

1969 Velorex 16/350 Three-Wheeler Motorcycle/Car For Sale By MotoeXotica

1969 Velorex 16/350 Three-wWheeler
Velorex was a manufacturing cooperative in Solnice, Czechoslovakia. Notable products included a small three-wheeled car, produced from the 1950s until 1971 and the Type 562 sidecar. The sidecar is still manufactured in the Czech Republic by Velorexport, the successor to Velorex. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Look at Life - Scooter Commuter By The Rank Organisation (1962)

U.K. newsreel. It's a look at the London scooter scene. On display are gorgeous & colourful scooters. There are over 600 Scooter Clubs in England whose members attend scooter rallies all over Europe. A look at a gathering at London's Crystal Palace for a mass scooter rally featuring a grand parade of all the scooters. Also a brief history of the scooter, including a small WWII Corgi version that was used by paratroopers; and a look at scooter manufacture and proving grounds. 

Safety Instructions for an Active Shooter Situation By USherbrookeTV

We are pleased to announce the final product of a project spearheaded by the City of Sherbrooke’s Police department and the Université de Sherbrooke in collaboration with our broader educational partners in Estrie. This new instructional video is available to our community to better prepare in the event of an active shooter situation. Whether you are at home, at work or in public, please be mindful of these important actions to better prepare yourself : run, hide or fight.
- Bishop's University