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Exploring the Unknown
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Monday, January 23, 2017

B.A.C.A. Montreal Chapter's 2nd Annual Jan Jam

January 21, 2017
To say that this second annual musical fundraiser supporting the Montreal Chapter of B.A.C.A. was successful would be an understatement. The fact is everyone in the room had fun, was smiling and I personally believe, was proud to be supporting such a meaningful organisation.

The cause for which these men and woman stand for is not something most of us fully understand, and some may just may not want to think about it, however the statistics are alarming..look into it yourself. What strikes me is that these Bikers are prepared to do something about it.

My words, do not properly explain that mission, but if you go on the B.A.C.A. website and take a few moments, your will quickly understand what this is all about, however let me tell you in my own words what I've experienced in the past two years since I got to know some of these Bikers.

These men and woman come from all walks of life and are bound by one truth.

" No Child Deserves to live in fear "

Yep, they sure do look scary...but the love these men and women have for children, their well being and safety is clear when you have a conversation with any of them. I've been honored to get to know a few of the Montreal Chapter members personally, and can tell you..these people are the real deal.

Ok, on to the show....Four musical act's took the stage and with the incredible help from the staff at Bistro Le Pioneer, all the sponsor's who dug deep to give fantastic prizes and all of the wonderful supporters who purchased tickets and filled the room... the evening Rocked.

Junkyard Villain 
First up was me.....Percy Hart (aka: Junkyard Villain) and I played all original tunes with exception to one cover.

I always regret how fast the time goes by whenever I am on stage, but it was a real honor to have been invited back for a second year and I could not have been happier with the turn out of friends. Old and New.

Stone Def's 
Next up, my good friends " Stone Def's "I have personally known the lead singer for a very long time...what's his name again? Oh yeah....Steve, was the guy I once wrote about in another story... Anywoo, Steve was instrumental in getting me started playing the guitar.

These guy's kicked ass to the point, where I did something I have not done since circa 1992... I grabbed my wife's hand, and we danced...She still can't believe it....You guy's did an awesome job and I look forward to your next gig.

Round Three, and here come The Feedbakers...WOW, these guys have more energy in one hand, that an old guy like me has in his entire mind, body and soul. Kick Ass sound, steady beat and sweet melody's.

If you have a chance to see these guy's play and you're into real music...get your ass out and check them out.

Fourth and final band of the evening - Relick - WOW, I've been a fan of Pink Floyd since my early teens and did these guys & gal, knocked it out of the park. The music was bang on, vocally it was awesome and I got to tell you, the sound was out of this world...close your eye's and you heard Gilmor making love to his guitar.

Like last year, some of the B.A.C.A. Ottawa Chapter came all the way to Montreal to support their brothers and sisters, and I can tell you that the Love, Honor and Respect these men and women have for each other is as clear as their mission is for Children.

Please visit B.A.C.A. yourself for more information. Don't take my word for it, cause I'm just a guy.

I wanted to thank my friends for sharing some pictures with me to get this post out.



  1. Percy, you are and will always be, a kind, sweet soul with boundless selflessness. BACA can not pull this off with out your continued effort to help us make this a huge success. We applaud you...for your unwavering support, year round. Rogue, BACA Member

  2. Great event, I'm a proud supporter of B.A.C.A and a fan of Junkyard Villain. Well done all of you! Super stoked that one of my photos was used in this blog post.☺

  3. Perfect summary! -Squirrel

  4. from miss Ginger ,,, She says ,,,,,,,, love you Rebel, Rogue, Yeti, and C.C she said you need to meet rider ,,, Thank You for making my
    girl part of your family ,,,,,,,