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Exploring the Unknown
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

CBC Searchlight: Mr. Percy Hart (aka: Junkyard Villain)

Percy Hart (aka: Junkyard Villain) 

I am just a guy, who's been influenced by everyone. The songs that mean the most to me speak of true and tell a story. I am still learning how to play guitar and figuring out how to write songs. There is nothing more therapeutic for me, then spending time creating a song. From finding the melody to crafting the lyrics it relaxes me and when someone connects with one of my tunes, then I believe it's complete. 

CBC Music Searchlight 2017 is asking you to vote for your favorite musician! Our very own Mr. Hart has been given the opportunity to be one of those contestants. 

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  1. You are already a star Mr. Hart! I wish you all the best of luck, but know that nothing can take that simple fact away from you! xo

  2. Bug Spattered Jacket. I thank you from the bottom of my Hart. I look forward to our rides coming soon.;-)