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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Inked by Crystal-Marie at Forever Ink

Designed & Tattooed By Crystal-Marie!

Made popular by reality TV shows like [insert] Ink (there are so many of them!) and suddenly everyone has a tattoo! The rise in popularity has also set the bar for aspiring and accomplished tattooists alike. As I near my fortieth birthday I figured it was now or never when it came to finishing (starting again?) my tattoos. So I decided to give carte blanche to a few Tattoo artists whose work looked brilliant. One such artist is Crystal-Marie (aka Eternal Sunshine) and above is a design that she put together for me. Note that there was a two week interval between the top and the bottom of the tattoo pictured above, thus, the lower half was darker at the time of the picture being taken! She will also to put the final piece on the back of my neck in one week's time, after which time I'll meet up with her again in two months for her to do any touch ups necessary. All in all an amazing experience with a very talented Tattoo artist! If you are looking for your next tattoo, don't hesitate to contact Crystal-Marie directly via:

Contact Information
Forever Ink - Facebook
1576 Rue King Ouest #110, 
Sherbrooke, QC J1J 2C3
Tel: (819) 791 7766

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