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Exploring the Unknown
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Inked by Noémie at Nephty's Tattoo Part Deux!

Elbow Mandala - Stage II of My Sleeve

As you may recall, Noémie specializes in Mandalas at Nephty's Tattoo. She began my sleeve with a shoulder mandala. Due to a last minute cancellation Noémie contacted me and I was lucky enough to continue my sleeve. It was literally on the same day that I had just finished the upper part of my back tattoo with Crystal-Marie from Forever Ink. Unlike my experiences with both the shoulder piece and the back piece I have to confess I was not prepared for the elbow piece to be so... ticklish (read painful). Alas, perhaps it was the back to back tattoos on the same day totalling eight hours or maybe I am just a sucker for punishment but by the end I was delighted to be home and cooling off in a shower. If you compare and contrast Noémie's sleeve in progress with Crystal-Marie's back piece you can see how Crystal-Marie went to a great effort to complement Noémie's sleeve.

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