Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Inked by Noémie at Nephty's Tattoo Part Four!

My Newest Mandala - By Noémie!

Today Noémie created yet another striking Mandala on the back of my arm! She also shaded in the original shoulder tattoo. 😊 With 50% of the sleeve now complete, I am excited to begin the next stage. Remember, Noémie creates each mandala from scratch! Thus, every mandala will be unique and as you can see, her newest creation was rather detailed and intricate. Like what you see? Contact Nephty's Tattoo today and set up an appointment with Noémie. 😎

Contact Information
 61 Wellington Street North,
Sherbrooke, QC J1H 5A9
Tel: (819) 563-6030

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