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Exploring the Unknown
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

L’équipée Rides the Pyrénées - 4 days / 120 riders / 1000 kms from the Atlantique Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea

Picture © Ludovic Ismael
In celebration of International Women's Day I wanted to highlight a group of women who impressed the world back in 2015 with their Himalaya trip on a set of Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc motorcycles! Whilst many men and women in the motorcycling community spend more time taking selfies than they do actually riding, these five women set the bar for all adventure seekers with their wanderlust. They represent the very best of the motorcycling world and should be an inspiration for any man or woman looking to get into adventure riding. This time L’équipée take on the Pyrénées for 4 days with 120 riders over 1000 kms from the Atlantique ocean to the Mediterranean sea!

L'équipée rides the Pyrénées / Transpy AMV Legend - Film from l'équipée on Vimeo.

Happy International Women's Day! 💗

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