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Exploring the Unknown
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Planning The Riding Season

Packed and Ready to Roll
At long last, the winter season is fast coming to an end and the Quebec Winter Tire law will cease to be an issue for all riders. Most likely your bike is just about ready to roll, and you're already planning on taking her out the first ride of the season in anticipation. I sure am!

Every winter it’s been the same old thoughts running wild in my head... Do I upgrade my bike, add after market goodies to her? Do I give her a paint job and customize her... but this year Planning was what consumed me.

The planning of a few weekend trips happened months ago on paper, scheduled and now we simply wait. My buddy Vagabond who planned them is an artist when it comes to detailing the perfect ride. The Route`s are mapped, lunch stops chosen, hotels booked or almost..and I got to say... He's GOOD.

Admittedly I enjoy mapping out the route
Riding for me has been about the journey, the people, the freedom, the open road and of course the Barns..., however as I`ve never planned an extensive trip since I started riding six years ago, this year I felt that I had to try my luck at planning and executing one myself.

By chance, I heard another buddy of mine (Motorcycle madman.... BugSpatteredJacket - aka Mario) mentioned Cape Spear and frankly I had never heard of it. As I searched the almighty “Google” I found out that Cape Spear is the most eastern point in Canada and since Newfoundland is the only province I’ve yet to set foot in, I asked... Are you serious about riding that far?

Well, his answer was swift and with conviction and the next thing you know we started to plan a trip. Sounded great until we both realised that not only are we both laid back when it comes to going with the flow but we don’t really care where we end up or how long it takes us, as long as we ride. 

Based on past experience, I was thinking that investing time and hard earned money on a trip (any trip) means that you have to plan to ensure you maximize the opportunity of the trip.

Where am I headed?
The questions started coming in fast, and so I started asking myself. What do I want to see? What does Mario want to see? What is a must see. How much is this going to cost? What’s my budget? What route do I want to take? How many miles can I do each day considering gas stops, photo opts etc.

That’s when it hit me… It just doesn’t matter where I am going to ride or what I am going to see. The entire experience is about riding. It’s about being in the moment with your thoughts. Being one with the machine and as free as the wind. 

So, planning a week long ride that will take place this summer to a destination that is seemingly still up in the air will keep me on this side of the border this year, 

Newfoundland and CabotTrail as two very possible destinations. One thing for sure, is I am going to be searching for more of these beauties.

History, Simplicity and Beauty
For now it would seem I am headed east in just a few short months for what I know will be a lasting experience, but I also hear a few Western Canadian destinations calling my name…so plan I might and plan I will to prep the bike and find some Zen on a ride with a friend(s).

Speaking of Friends, I have been fortunate to have met some of the most incredible people while riding in various Riding Groups and MC’s. Men and Women from different walks of life, who all share the same passion and who all have similar values is something that blows my mind.

In closing, this blog entry was supposed to be about ride planning however after a short conversation with my bud Mario, it occurred to me that what happens, happens and where the road takes you is where you end up. Just like life.

Happy Rider

Happy Riding
Percy (aka: Junkyard Villain)


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    1. Awe Jen, I am still learning how to stay in that Zen space...;-)