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Thursday, April 27, 2017

From Turning Over A New Leaf To Striking A Sustainable Balance!

Photo © naibank/Shutterstock
On March 22nd, 2017 Jennifer's students executed a kiosk event at Bishop's University encouraging both the campus community and surrounding areas to turn over a new leaf. The public information kiosks was held at the Gait where various teams presented innovations and social enterprises that  have the potential to make our societies stronger and protect our environment. Each student team had interactive activities aimed at showing how ideas of trust, reciprocity, and care for the environment can make a difference. Reporting on the event was none other than Victoria Vanier of the Stanstead Journal.

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Article © Victoria Vanier
Click on the photograph to enlarge!
Article © Victoria Vanier
Born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Jennifer immigrated to the Republic of Ireland with her family. She went on to complete a B.A. in Sociology and Geography and later, an MA in Sociology at University College Cork. She presently lives in Quebec, Canada and is presently teaching in the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities at Champlain College Lennoxville and the Department of Sociology at Bishop's University. In addition to the above article, we thought you would like to see some pictures of the kiosk event itself. It's especially nice when academic institutions like Bishop's University supports teachers and encourages interactive teaching. More institutions can learn from their example, at least in this area.

Regardless of what level of education that you are in teaching in a kiosk event is an excellent way of getting your students engaged with course material beyond simply memorizing and regurgitating random information from a textbook. It allows students to make the course material their own. By allowing them to choose a topic that they are interested in or perhaps even passionate about, you have just helped them make learning an enjoyable act. Interactive teaching is a must for any course dealing with topics that needs to be contextualized with practical applications. So why not contact us today and I will happily provide you with instruction sheets and rubrics to get you started on the right foot!


  1. Thanks Mario for sending us that article! We feel very proud of jay love from band

    Bobbie and Chris

  2. Really cool and informative article. It is interesting and encouraging that sustainability has such a high focus there. This is not the case in my area. However, it IS changing here too albeit very, very slowly. There is more local produce showing up, but the big corporations still have a chokehold on 99% of the farmers, forcing them to sell to them rather than directly to customers. Farmers market? What's that? It simply does not exist here and it is sorely missed (at least by me and Dot), especially after having lived in Cork. I might be wrong, but to me environmental sustainability is about short transport, low volumes, efficient and environmentally friendly growing and production, and cooperation. Incidentally, most of these things go together well with economical sustainability too and where it does not, economy has to give way. I think that, by and large, the rather utopic (and severely outdated) belief in never ending economic growth is to blame for the state of our planet and society. Getting back to locally sourced resources as far as possible - but certainly local foodstuffs - will only be detrimental to the 1%. And personally, I don't care for the 1% in the first place...

  3. Well done , Professor! Very impressive but you look as if you're still at school , lucky thing !! X