Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Date With Bambi - My SYM Wolf Classic!

Bambi Makes A New Friend
The weather was just right for an evening ride as it was Bambi's turn for a short stint in and around the Eastern Townships. My little SYM Wolf Classic 150 performed flawlessly despite some harsh crosswinds. At just 266 pounds, it's easy to feel like the front wheel is giving out under her but inevitably, she putters along without a care in the world. Something I admittedly could learn from her. With no particular destination in mind, it wasn't long before Bambi and I found ourselves on some backroads with some rather lovely views to be had. The following are just a few pictures of an otherwise perfect evening ride.

Bambi and I Enjoying A Saturday Evening Ride

Tempted To Ride The Road Less Travelled

If Only Bambi Had Wings
As I was taking these pictures a car slowed down and asked if I was ok. The driver, clearly a biker, was young and found himself ogling Bambi as she sat peacefully on the side of the road patiently waiting for me to finish up so that we could get going again. As he drove off I found myself looking up into the sky and wishing that I could fly. If only Bambi had wings. 

Tiny Little Airport In The Middle of The Eastern Townships

All Dressed Up And No Place To Go!

Basking In The Sun
As happenstance would have it, Bambi and I found ourselves at a small little airport that I didn't even know existed. The little planes looked somewhat dejected at being left on the ground when they could be doing what they were built for on such a beautiful evening. I found an open gate and quietly rode in for a few photo ops with Bambi and her new friends. There were no signs outside the gate warning curious bikers to stay out so I proceeded to two other planes slowly and cautiously. Not a soul was to be found despite the fact that there were half a dozen vehicles parked in the modest parking lot outside the front of the main terminal.

Origins Of The Chopper Finally Explained

The SYM Wolf Classic Brings All Sorts of Attention

Robin ♡
Pic © Denis Ja©ues 
Other than quaint little airports and a beautiful countryside, this area is also well known for its murals. Robin (pictured above) was created by Denis Ja©ues. He is one of many artists who has created some wonderful pieces throughout Sherbrooke and its surrounding areas. I'll be sure to share more pictures with you in future. With a mix of country and city riding I found myself often adjusting my riding habits with Bambi as I am use to riding Bella. Neutral is easy to accidentally tap into when stopping at traffic lights. Otherwise, the little bike was fun and comfortable and left me feeling like I was on a journey with an old friend. I have to confess that I am rather surprised at the constant attention that the little SYM gets. Whether it be at a stop light or riding along a country road there was a surprising amount of waves and thumbs up as people undoubtedly have mistaken the little SYM as its former namesake, Honda or more specifically, a Honda CB125. For such a small bike it certainly seems to bring out the biggest smiles.

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