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Monday, May 22, 2017

B.A.C.A. Montreal, Quebec Chapter - 100 Mile Run

B.A.C.A. Montreal, Quebec Chapter 
100 Mile Run

The day was here. We would meet in Terrebonne, Quebec at 9:30AM and register with the 2nd Annual B.A.C.A. Montreal Chapters 100 Mile Run. It was a cool morning at 10C but the Harley was set to go, and I was excited to meet up with my buddy BugSpatteredJacket to do a short leg of the 100 mile run. Our plan was to then split from the group, ride back roads and discuss over a warm cup of coffee our project for a series of short films.

Pic © Junkyard Villain
We started kicking around the idea over the winter months about setting a few days and perhaps even a weekend ride here and there, to ride back country roads in search of Dead Barns, Old historic and perhaps unknown sites, treasures and of course all things related to Motorcycles and the biker lifestyle.

Pic © BugSpatteredJacket
Both of us recently got our hands on action video cameras with the intent of filming on locations (on our rides) as well as shooting pictures of said treasures, but being a couple of Mad Bikers whose strengths are not technology, we have a little learning ahead of us.

Pic © BugSpatteredJacket
I personally was never interested and had no idea what a Vlogger was (did I say that right?) however the thought of filming some of the roads, twists and turns and more importantly everything Motorcycle related did interest me for a few reasons.

Pic © BugSpatteredJacket
The Long Cold Winter months of Quebec has a way of kicking a biker right in the ass up here in the Great White North. (Take Off Eh!). As I often found myself surfing YouTube this past winter in search of the Therapy only Two Wheels can offer, I figured watching and reliving the roads I've travelled would be awesome. Bringing me back to the memories of my rides would tie me over until April rolls around again.

Pic © BugSpatteredJacket
So, here we are, signed up and ready to roll this past Saturday May 20, 2017 with 100 + bikers from all walks of life, riding just about all brands of bikes in support of B.A.C.A.

Step one of the Mission... Accomplished!
Step two of the Mission.... And this is serious.
Are you a biker with a story?
Do you build bikes?
Have you built a bike?
Do you run a biker type company?

Send us a note (junkyardvillain@gmail.com or bugspatteredjacket@outlook.com) with a brief description of your story and your contact info so we can talk.


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