Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Sunday, May 28, 2017

GoPro - Go To Hell!

In the short time that I have owned my GoPro Hero Session, I have managed to capture several pretty amazing moments. From the 100 mile run with B.A.C.A. last Saturday morning to some great twisties with my buddy Junkyard Villain on the same day. I even attached it to my kids' bicycles using the GoPro Handlebar Mount and got a bird's eye view of cycling along some great paths here in the Eastern Townships from a 10 and 7 year old's perspective. My oldest son and I even took our first dip into the river submerging ourselves and the GoPro in freezing cold water to the amusement of passersby. My wife used the GoPro to record our youngest son's very first piano recital. A co-worker even borrowed it for a day to record some footage. What a great start to an otherwise very simple, easy to use little camera. Unfortunately, the same can't be said regarding that hellish application Quik™ | Desktop.

WARNING: User Discretion Is Advised!
This software will lead to a loss of appetite, massive migraines
and a sudden desire to hit your head against the wall.
The Quik™ | Desktop seems pretty intuitive at first. Import a video, trim it, place in the convert file section then press convert. What could go wrong? Everything. Not only will things go wrong but I genuinely believe that the world's smartest dumb people made Quik™ | Desktop with the intent of driving grumpy old bastards like me to their death. All that raw footage was literally lost yesterday. What the H-E- Double Hockey Sticks is going on with GoPro's Studio? With the exception of my son's piano recital, everything else has since been lost in my efforts to become better acquainted with GoPro Studio. For such an intuitive little camera, GoPro's software leaves something to be desired leaving me no choice but to abandon it and use Apple's iMovie instead.

GoPro Studio
To begin with, the View and Trim feature works easily enough. It fools you into a false sense of security as you go over your chosen clip. The trouble begins however if you attempt to insert a picture. GoPro Studio doesn't play well with anything non-GoPro! Jpegs are shown as sideways and no, pressing the rotate clip feature doesn't fix it. There are issues also with how quickly the picture is played but the latter can be slowed down by lowering the frame rate per second (fps). Both my colleague and I found that GoPro Studio also made watching any footage choppy as it would skip forward inexplicably. According to their help section, it's the computer's fault. However, the videos worked just fine in both Quik™ and iMovie. In the end, I used iMovie to make my son's piano recital. The next day, I thought that I would give GoPro Studio a second chance. After all, I was convinced that I was doing something wrong. I uploaded several clips from the 100 mile run with B.A.C.A. and proceeded to wait patiently.

Computer Says: Not Enough Room For Converted File!
Before I continue I want to state for the record that whilst I may not be the dumbest smart person on the planet, I have in the past successfully created and edited videos from various different cameras using various different software programs. GoPro has made it a point in taking pride in how easy their Studio software is to use. So when my computer said Not Enough Room For Converted File I took it at face value. Only, I don't have any files on my computer! Also, the destination drive kept changing if I tried converting the file again. iCloud was purportedly full as well so I dutifully logged in and deleted anything that was irrelevant. Only, there are very few files in my iCloud. The GoPro Project folder was there and when I clicked on it, the footage was either missing or visible but inaccessible. I scoured over the help sections and read reports of folks having had the same difficulties over and over again. Hours later and the end result was my having deleting something that I shouldn't have and hence all the files were gone from both Quik™ and GoPro Studio.

Undeterred, I set off last night and filmed an hour and a half of new footage with the intention of using only GoPro Studio today to revise the film and make a new video. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I literally spent half a day trying to save whatever footage was left as GoPro Studio failed me once again. Thankfully, I had also uploaded the videos to iPhoto so I had a copy. However, unlike my son's piano recital footage, now GoPro had somehow negatively affected iMovie. It's as if these two programs got together and thought to themselves, what can we do to fuck with this guy even further? And fuck me over they did as suddenly iMovie decided to adopt GoPro Studio's attitude and stated there was no room for the video clips! Inevitably I deleted everything related to GoPro from my computer and iCloud. Several hours later and I had completed a video with the new footage but not before it took its toll on me. Dehydrated, angry and with a pounding migraine, I took a well deserved shower and then nap as I had just gone twelve rounds with these two software programs and they both decidedly kicked my ass.

The Camera Is Pretty Sweet!
So what's a biker to do? Well, for starters, just ride! Fuck recording everything. I wasted time that could have been spent playing with my kids, riding my bike or just vegging on the beach getting sunburned. Technology is wonderful but its equally as harmful. It steals time away from you that could be better spent doing something else. This doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't use technology occasionally, but it shouldn't be so complicated that it eats away an entire day! As it stands, there is clearly a turf war going on between companies. Apple and Microsoft have for years made the lives of their customers miserable with the way that they purposefully make joint programs buggy and complicated. GoPro Studio is no different. It complicates the simplest of tasks and confounds and confuses at every turn. iMovie isn't perfect either but once I separated these two troublemakers, iMovie at least behaved itself. Whilst I never really intended to become a vlogger, I had hoped to have been able to make some nice videos showcasing some of my rides and maybe even a project or two. Whilst I won't give up on the latter, you can rest assured that I also won't be wasting so much time on getting these programs to work properly either. If companies want our hard earned cash, then they need to provide a program that complements their products, not detracts from them. If you know of a superior software program by all means share!

Final Verdict: Buy The Camera, Dump The Studio!


  1. I feel your pain, and thank you for a good laugh! Great article.

  2. To check if there is ACTUALLY a space problem: Select your Macintosh HD, and press i. You can then see the available space on your computer right off the bad. Also, GoPro makes ridiculously large files. When you film, make shorter sequences if possible. I.e start and stop the camera every now and then to break up the files in to smaller chunks. By planning these chunks loosely in your mind beforehand, you also avoid a lot of editing. Edit with iMove, but expect a learning curve, though it's not a brutal one. I've practically stopped filming because I have learned to HATE the time it takes to get it done, but I figure I might start again in the manner described above so I can make clips and by and large import to iMovie, make a fade in and out and then upload. Ach, the woes of tech. It allows you to do do hitherto unattainable marvels. Now they are merely hellishly difficult. "Dumbest smart person"? I approach it from the other side, as the smartest dumb person :D

    1. Hi Alf, thanks for the advice and help. For the record, the GoPro Hero Session makes short 12 minute clips whilst recording! I completely forgot that you were an Apple Guru. Will contact you first in future. As it stands, there are folks with 3 or 4 TB of space having the same problem as myself. That being said, the problem resolved itself entirely once I discarded GoPro Studio. Plenty of space on my drive either way! Sound advice all around though! Thanks! Hope you are doing well. Thanks for checking in! Talk soon.

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