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Exploring the Unknown
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Inked By Todd Beck - Part Deux!

Classy Sassy
(Placed on my right upper arm on the bicep.)
Todd Beck finished this little number for me today at his shop in Lennoxville, Quebec. This is the first tattoo of many that will mark the beginning of my new sleeve on my right arm. As part of my apprenticeship, what better way to learn how to tattoo than to observe the master at work! He completed the outline/lining two weeks ago. Thus, today was an excellent opportunity for Todd to show me how to properly shade in a tattoo. I have been having trouble with the latter and so getting a bird's eye view helped clear some things up. With summer finally here (more or less) there are many projects to look forward to. Looking for a Tattoo? Contact Todd today!

Contact Information
Todd Beck Tattoo - Facebook
 30 Rue Academy,
Lennoxville, QC J1M 1P8
Tel: (819) 791-8686

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