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Exploring the Unknown
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Tattoo Life Episode 2 - Tattoo-Rendez-Vous Convention At Trois-Rivières!

All in A Day's Work! ;-)
Hey guys! sorry for the massive gap between updates, On todays episode of the tattoo life... (as if my life was a TV show haha, although sometimes I think it is, now with all the buzz and attention that tattoo artists and tattoo shops get.) Forever Ink recently attended the 3rd edition of the Tattoo Rendezvous Trois-Rivières. It took part at the Delta Hotel, concerning conventions, it was a rather small one , all "local" talent, being as the farthest artist was from New Brunswick, everyone else from Quebec. It was pretty nice to walk around and see the all the amazing work and variety from my home province of Quebec.

So from the Friday to Sunday about 40 or so booths filled with eager young aspiring tattoo artists and also the local legends trudged thru the day, hoping to win something that they would be able to bring back to their shop, something proving that they were the best that day, in Trois Riviere. What was I doing there? being only my second time attending/ being part of a tattoo convention (not counting the endless list of conventions I've been to and not been part of ) I was there to have a good time, to take part of the culture that I live in everyday and it was awesome. The ambiance was amazing, the people were amazing, and the art was phenomenal. 

Forever ink was involved in all the contests, sadly we didn't bring home any trophies but that's not the reason why we went. Just taking part was enough. and after the convention shut down for the day, all you could think about was all the things you saw and crazy art that was made. You were either exhausted or inspired, or in my case, both. So head spinning, all I could think of was that I wanted to take part in as many more as I could.

So what else is there other than tattoo artists and competitions? There's vendors and distributors, clothing companies that have complete lines dedicated to tattoo culture. And then theres the vendors selling oddities and taxidermy; my personal favorite, weather you find it cool or creepy, it's hard not to go look at it. Even harder not to throw you hard earned money at them and take off with an amazing stuffed rabbit that's been made into a jackalope OR maybe that's just my case haha. 

All in all it was a great weekend with great people and I look forward to more. My advice, if you ever get the chance to go check out a tattoo convention, big or small, its well worth the entrance fee and it's surely something you wont forget. 

Here's some stuff that I've done this week.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Tattoo Life :)

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