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Exploring the Unknown
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Monday, June 26, 2017

Riders Against Hunger - On Rock Community Services 6th Annual Fundraiser Ride!

1st annual Riders Against Hunger
I will never forget when I first met Kim Reid, and how I was taken by his story of  running a local food bank. I had a feeling at that moment that I wanted to get this know this dude. We had ended up on a ride together up through the mountain in Rigaud, Qc. It was a glorious day and we had joined a small group for an afternoon ride. It took me 10 seconds to say yes that I'd attend when Kim later that day told me of his first annual Riders Against Hunger in September of 2012.

RAH 2012 Group - Pic Credit Wendy McRae
The more I spent time with this man and his team of many volunteers I quickly found that they are heroes who work their asses off to help people in need. If you spend 5 minutes with them, they will inspire you. 

I know that each year, I reach out my hand several times for various fundraisers, and ask for your hard earned money, but this fundraiser which is now in its sixth year, is one that means the most to me because I have seen with my own eye's just how meaningful On Rock Community Services are to people in my community. I am proud to be taking part in the sixth annual Riders Against Hunger ride.

Each week On Rock provides about three days worth of food to 200 + families as well, as offers up a hearty meal to individuals and families for a few bucks every week in their dinner. On Rock also runs a school lunch program. 

Riders Against Hunger Donation Page

I am extremely humbled by the donations made thus far from some outstanding individuals. To the point that I have raised my goal twice already, so if you please, I am asking you once again, please make a donation that will help this non charitable organisation continue serving people who need a hand by clicking the link and making a donation. 

Anything will help! 😊

Peace, Love & Time, 
Percy (aka: Junkyard Villain) 😎

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