Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Start 'Em Young With A Kiddimoto Balance Motorcycle!

Birthday Girl Atop Her New Kiddimoto Kawasaki Ninja!

Kiddimoto kids balance motorcycle is the perfect gift for your little biker in the making. I found this little gem at Rock Moto Sport last week when I brought Bella in for her 6000 kilometer (3728 mile) service. The little wooden balance bike was hanging from the ceiling as part of their promotional advertising for Kawasaki Motorcycles. A Kawasaki Ninja no less (No. 66) it's fitted with a wooden frame, wheels with aluminium edge, air-filled tires and seat and handles made of foamed material. It's specifically made for children from 80 to 105 cm height. With my daughter's 4th birthday around the corner, I couldn't resist! 😎

Highly Detailed And Aggressive Stance Makes For A Wicked Bike!

The little wooden motorcycle is highly detailed and frankly, a work of art. It's a beautiful example of the evolution of Karl Drais' (1785-1851) Draisienne, also known as a Dandy Horse. The German inventor couldn't have foreseen how his creation would have evolved into what balance bicycles have become today; let alone that balance bicycles would still be available to the public for purchase. What would Mr Drais have thought of Kiddimoto's iteration of his idea, I wonder? Suffice it to say, my daughter was delighted if not somewhat apprehensive upon unwrapping her first, albeit, wooden motorcycle.

The Aluminum Edge Wheels With Rubber Tires Is A Nice Touch!

Pretty Sweet LeoVince 'Wooden' Exhaust!

Kiddimoto Spared No Expense In Outfitting This Kawa!

The particular model above is no longer available and to be perfectly frank, I had no idea that this was an available product from the United Kingdom. Whilst my daughter may not be ready just yet for the real thing, hopefully these not too subtle seeds will grow into a love affair with two wheels. Mind you, if Kawasaki isn't your cup of tea, Kiddimoto periodically changes its lineup. Below are some of their newest offerings.

Barry Sheene Wooden Balance Bike 
Pic © Kiddimoto

 Carl Fogarty Wooden Balance Bike
Pic © Kiddimoto

 Jorge Fogarty Wooden Balance Bike
Pic © Kiddimoto

 Valentino Rossi Wooden Balance Bike
Pic © Kiddimoto

Kevin Schwantz Wooden Balance Bike
Pic © Kiddimoto

Happy Daughter = Happy Father! 😃

Though not as nearly detailed as my daughter's Kawasaki Ninja, they have in the past made similar models. The wooden balance bike is actually surprisingly sturdy and well built. The only issue, per se, was from having been used as a display piece at Rock Moto Sport for many years and consisted of a small scratch on the 'triple tree' and a drilled hole on the side where it was hung by a small chain from the ceiling. The rubber wheels work a treat and are a massive improvement from the usual plastic wheels that many balance bikes are equipped with. Kiddimoto has hit on something pretty special here as it appeals to both children and adults alike. It's a shame that they don't make larger versions of these bikes as my two boys are desperate for one but are now too old (read tall and heavy) to ride one... and who am I kidding, I wish I could ride one too! My daughter is still just learning how to balance on it and seems happy overall but it's clear that it will be a while before she hits the open road (read bicycle paths) with it and that suits us just fine! 😜 For more information on these little gems visit Kiddimoto today.

About This Review

This review was completed by yours truly without compensation. Nor was I approached by Kiddimoto to write said review. Furthermore, I have made no money from writing this review. My only motive is to instill a genuine love of motorcycles in my children and also because I am a selfish pratt who thinks this little wooden balance bike will look wonderful in my office the day that my daughter is too big for it. 😜

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