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Thursday, July 27, 2017

L'Institut Doréa - A Photo Album By Stacy Gaudreau & Sophie Lefebvre

It's no secret that I find myself drawn to abandoned buildings and towns. Thus, when I came across these pictures of L'Institut Doréa, I couldn't help but ask permission to share them with you. These pictures were taken by Stacy and Sophie earlier this July whilst on a ride together just over an hour outside of Montréal. Located in Franklin, Quebec, L'Institut Doréa has a history filled with more questions than it has left answers. Linked to the Duplessis Orphans, according to Stacy, there is speculation that the Dorea Institute was placed where it was to be close to an esteemed psychiatrist who just so happened to live very close to the Quebec border in Vermont, U.S.A. They worked on the CIA mind control projects and in doing so, mistreated orphan children falsely declared insane and forced into mental institutions by the gov't and church at the time. 😞 Abandoned in 1995, the former institute decays quietly and with it, the truth behind it what really happened behind its walls.

Admittedly, this seems to be far more creepy than my visit to Boscobel Ghost Town could ever be. Though, Stacy says that the property is basically wide open as a lot of the buildings you can just walk into. He adds that there are signs everywhere trying to scare people away, "you are being filmed", "beware of dog", but it is completely deserted. For more information check out Urbex Playground's write up and pictures or visit the institute yourself. Apparently there are tunnels running underground as well making for an even more surreal experience. I'd visit it myself but in truth, I have an overactive imagination and would rather visit with a couple of friends... in the middle of the day... with lots of flashlights... in groups of ten... I digress.

Pictures © Stacy Gaudreau & Sophie Lefebvre

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  1. I'll watch the bikes mate..No way, I'm going in there...;-)

    1. Honestly, I've been binge watching too many horror movies lately and so doubt very much I'd even venture in myself! :-p