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Exploring the Unknown
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Friday, September 1, 2017

Introducing MarioRJCorbin.com!

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Welcome To My New Website!
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Since the unceremonial demise of The Wicked Academic in 2016 at the hands of those in power at an insignificant little cegep in the Eastern Townships I must confess that I have been rather reluctant to venture into the online world again. Like so many of my colleagues, I have been victim to various forms of academic mobbing. However, time heals and inevitably battles have been won and with it the realization that the world around us demand that we strive to keep up with the times, not revert back to a pre-internet era - although there is something to be said for simpler times. Thus, I am rather excited to be re-introducing various elements of The Wicked Academic including but not limited to student publications. In addition, I have also re-launched Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Studies - an online course designed to entice both bikers and non-bikers alike to explore the wonderful culture of motorcycling in its various forms. It's a strange day when an academic gets the opportunity to proudly combine his love for teaching with motorcycling. However, when I am not teaching or riding I am writing, drawing and trying to complete my tattoo apprenticeship. Yes, you read that correctly.

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It should not surprise you that an academic would seek to diversify their portfolio (read life experiences) in so many varied ways. The state of education has changed greatly over the course of the last thirty years. Whilst arguably academic mobbing seems to be a regular occurrence at many academic institutions, it is only part of the problem. In cultures like Quebec, Canada, children are being farmed out of high school into a cegep system that is fairly defunct as unfortunately, not all cegeps are created equally. Add to that the general lack of maturity from many students, many faculty members, and many administrators alike and what you are left with is nothing if not a discombobulating experience for everyone involved. However, fret not. Whilst it is true that an entire book could be written on the misadventures many of us has experienced in academia the purpose here instead is to focus on the positive instead of the negative! We keep positive and continue to do our best because inevitably there are many students, faculty members and yes, even administrators that are working hard striving for an ideal that I genuinely do believe is obtainable. It is for those students in particular that I eagerly look forward to re-launching student publications. 
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Logo Created Using Canva
Despite having been "open for business" since 2016 I have to say that I was rather surprised at how many people have contacted me this summer to accompany them in and around the province of Quebec. Although Moto Bella Accompanying Services caters to Quebec residents who must adhere to the SAAQ's learner laws Moto Bella itself will be expanding in the near future to include publications of the two wheeled variety. Until then Bella and I can be found riding the twisties here in the Eastern Townships. The logo was created using a website called Canva. It's free to use and it caters to a variety of applications including but not limited to posters, business cards, presentation slides, ebook and magazine designs and naturally logos. Some of the images and or elements cost $1 USD to use which is a bargain if you consider you don't need to use them at all and make something unique for free.

Mario R.J. Corbin - My New Website
As for re-making a website. Well, it seems like everyone including their monkey's uncle has their own website today. Especially professors. However, how many professors offer motorcycle road exam preparations, an online motorcycle studies course for free and an opportunity to publish your work in two formats? Yeah, I didn't think so. Did I mention that you can also review my curriculum vitae and keep up to date with my blog posts and social media sites? Just click on one of the many social media links located on the right hand side on the Home Page of my website. The website was created using Wix. Once you get passed the overwhelming amount of options available to you the process of editing an existing template is fairly straightforward and enjoyable. So what's it all about. I'm not sure. I only know that a change is coming. In my own strange way this is one of the things that I decidedly I needed to do in order to meet those changes head-on. It's so easy to lose yourself in the bureaucratic bullshit of work so if creating a website helps remind you what you can and have accomplished, than it's worth the time and effort in making it. After all, nobody is going to appreciate you the way you deserve! So take a moment out of your life to show some self-love. You deserve it! As for The Wicked Academic, whilst the original site itself may be gone, the best things about it are here to stay!

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  1. Hey Mario, Looks good. It shows that you put in a lot of thought and effort into this one. I wish you tons of luck! Maybe you should add "Web Guy" too :)