Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Interview WIth A MotoWoman - Sabrina Talon By Jessika Veilleux

Pic © Sabrina Talon
In this interview we are going to talk about some reasons why Sabrina has chosen Harley Davidson and the different aspects of riding in her opinion. I chose my step mother as it was relevant for me and it was much easier to discuss with someone I know. We both feel that this is relevant because it reflects on her opinion and interests in the biking community. It gives us one person’s view out of many other ones and it might also enhance someone else’s knowledge or inspire others as well! Doing this project with her inspired me! So I asked my biker what made my her choose a 2015 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight sportster?

Interview With A Biker - Gerard Pace By Wesley Smith

Pic © Gerard Pace
What is it that drives a person to ride, what most people assume to be, the transportation method of madmen and bad boys? I mainly wanted to answer three things in exploring this question; who was the first person to introduce my interviewee to motorcycling, what’s their favourite part about riding a motorcycle, and, like the last one, what was their favourite experience riding a motorcycle. To answer these questions, I decided to interview my uncle, Gerard Pace who lives in Toronto. Gerard rides a naked 400 CC 4-cylinder Suzuki Bandit. It’s the first bike he has owned and it has lasted him about eighteen years and will probably last for many years to come.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Interview With A Colombian Biker - Wilrey By Camilo Andres Rangel Varon

“Don't let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen.”
-Unknown driver
Pic © Wilery
As everyone of us know, Motorcycles come in all shapes and colors, and depending of the country we. In this case, we’ll be transported to a beautiful country called Colombia, where one of my best friends of all life, who’s been driving motorcycles for around 24 years, but got inside the culture of the motorcycle driving for about 6 years, investigating, and getting involved inside this beautiful world of motorcycles. This guy known as Wilery, not only it’s crazy about motorcycle and his culture, but he’s a jeweler and uses his love for motorcycle to transform pieces of metal on beautiful pieces of art.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lennoxville Classic Car Meet!

If you are ever in the Eastern Townships on business or pleasure and should you be near Lennoxville on a Tuesday evening, drop by and meet the lads and lasses who come by once a week to talk about cars, trucks and anything else related to yesteryear. From one off Chryslers (based on a prototype that never saw the light of day) to muscle cars, these folks are warm and friendly and will make you feel welcomed. They took a particular liking to our kids, as one gentleman said, "we need to get the young ones interested; otherwise what will happen to our cars?" He isn't wrong either. With western cultures like Canada wanting everything to be new, the classic car crowd isn't what it use to be. These cars are something to be cherished and admired but they are also a piece of history. So we went a couple of times this summer and took the following pictures. Though, there are plenty more to see, so you'll just have to drop by next spring for a peek!

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2017

All Dressed Up & No Place To Go!?

Bella and I apparently came in within the top 20% of fund raisers this year in Quebec for the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (DGR). Surprised, we took it in stride as we know that we couldn't have done it with the very generous and kind people who supported us in our endeavour. It was our first year participating though I had been keeping an eye on this event ever since my buddies in India posted pictures of their DGR event several years ago. So it was with some excitement that we set off in late September to attend the first ever DGR event organized right here in Sherbrooke, Quebec by Jessika Wilson who operates Boutique l'Office.

Inked By Todd Beck - Part Five!

Todd Beck and I both agree that the Norton motorcycle is a truly wonderful and iconic machine. Unfortunately, we are both equally as incompetent when it comes to putting them back together; not to mention too poor to own one. So I figured this would be a maintenance free and more affordable option at the end of the day. Actually, this motorcycle is linked to one of my all time favorite movies titled One Week (2009)! Now comes the task of also trying to choose something that could fill in my right shoulder and upper arm. With my right arm being filled in rather quickly it's just a matter of time before they are both tied in together with a pattern of some sort. If you have any suggestions, feel free to chime in. As always, give Todd a shout today if you're looking for a great tattoo!

Contact Information
Todd Beck Tattoo - Facebook
 30 Rue Academy,
Lennoxville, QC J1M 1P8
Tel: (819) 791-8686

Tait-Chattopadhyay Memorial Lecture - Policing Black Lives By Robyn Maynard

The Humanities department would like to invite you to this year's Tait/Chattopadhyay Memorial Humanities Lecture will take place on Wednesday the 25th of October at 6:30 pm at Centennial Theatre. The lecture, titled Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to Present, will be given by Robyn Maynard, Black feminist writer, grassroots community organizer and intellectual based in Montréal.    The lecture is free and we encourage all Faculty, Staff, and Students to attend. The description of this lecture, Robyn's bio, and a link to Robyn's Website can be found below. 
- Shaun Weadick


2600 College St,
Sherbrooke, QC
J1M 1Z7
(819) 822-9600

Dunham House Drug Awareness Campaign 2017


2600 College St,
Sherbrooke, QC
J1M 1Z7
(819) 822-9600
Email: slinden@ubishops.ca

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Interview With A Biker - Cory Ovans By Sahra Ross

Pic © Cory Ovans
No matter who you are or what kind of bike you own, you are a biker. There are many kinds of bikers; scooter bikers, dirt bikers and motorcycle bikers. Each and every one of them are bikers but the reasons they ride are different. I interviewed a biker and his name is Cory Ovans (a.k.a. Christmas (because every biker needs a biker name). He is 23 years of age and has been riding for about 12 years. He owns a dirt bike as well as a dark green and black Kawasaki KLR 650.

Monday, October 9, 2017

A Review of Motorcycling for Women by Nancy and Betty Debenham (1928) By BOKUS

The year this book was written was a period of great optimism; 62 nations renounced the use of war to resolve disputes and the sun shone, a fortnight in July that year recorded temperatures of 90 degrees and no rain. Significantly 'Motorcycling for Women' was published in 1928, when women achieved an equal voting age with men at 21. The book reflects a golden period when there were more motorcycles on the road than cars and anyone could ride a motorcycle at 14 without passing a test or wearing a helmet. You will see from the photographs in this book that the authors Nancy and Betty Debenham were attractive, adventurous and happy young ladies who thoroughly enjoyed their motorcycling. The sisters became poster girls for BSA motorcycles in 1927.

Interview With A Biker - Nick Q. Keeler By Emily Young

Living The Dream
Pic © Nick Q. Keeler
Nick Q. Keeler was born and raised in Quebec and spent most of his adolescent life in Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec. He went to Stanstead College for high school and went to many post secondary institutions in Quebec. Nick has recently written a book on Estate planning, and has happily been married to Gail for 50 years they had a son and now two grandchildren.

Interview With A Biker - Annie Wood By Joëlle Couture

Here is Annie on the front left with a bunch of other organizers of the Poker run!
Pic © Lac-Mégantic Poker Run
If we were to ask someone about what they think of the biker culture we would not be surprised if many people would say that they find them intimidating with their loud machines and their leather jackets. Well, I don’t know about others, but Lac-Mégantic Poker Run was started by bikers in 2006. The Poker run is an organization which mobilizes to help and amass money for sick kids from the area of the MRC du Granit. To know more about this organization, I interviewed Ms. Annie Wood, a female biker herself who has been volunteering and organizing the Poker run for several years now.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Interview With A Biker - Lyndon St. Laurent By Dillon MacLeod

Pic © Lyndon St. Laurent
My interview was with a man who is a friend of my mothers, Lyndon who also goes by Cowboy or Butch. He is a retired employee of the city of Sherbrooke where he was a small machinery operator, and now has taken up hobbies like Riding, building rat-rod trucks, bodybuilding, and hunting. Lyndon got into riding around the young age of nineteen in 1970 and he purchased his first motorcycle, a Honda 350. His best friend owned a Goldwing, which was what got him into riding and lead to the purchase of his first bike. The present owner of a 2005 Custom Softail 1450cc carbureted Harley, Lyndon said what caught his attention and love for Harleys was “that cool sound.” The sound everyone recognizes. Before he bought his Harley, he has owned 3 other motorcycles. The Honda 350 that was his first, followed by a Yamaha 650 special, than a Honda 750 Super Sport. Getting his Harley-Davidson was by impulse, sitting on it and loving the feel, and accompanied with a great price he was presented with, he couldn’t say no.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Inked By Todd Beck - Cuarta Parte!

Honda? Triton? Who Cares, It's Just great!

What to do when your too busy for road trips and frankly, you would rather spend time with your missus and kids anyways? Easy, visit Todd Beck and have him tattoo another motorcycle design onto your sleeve in progress whilst the missus and kids are at school. Todd finished this little number for me today at his shop in Lennoxville, Quebec. This was created by the same artist who originally drew the classic BMW Cafe Racer (name unknown/unreadable). I have always been drawn to bikes with 4into4 exhaust and Todd did not disappoint in recreating this piece on the back of my upper arm. In two weeks the fourth piece will be done! Give Todd a shout today if you're looking for a great tattoo!

Contact Information
Todd Beck Tattoo - Facebook
 30 Rue Academy,
Lennoxville, QC J1M 1P8
Tel: (819) 791-8686

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bessie Stringfield (1911-1993) The Motorcycle Queen of Miami

"It's Got To Be Blue, It's Got To Be New, 
I Never Bought Anything Used - Except Husbands!"
- Bessie Stringfield
Every now and then you come across something so special that really, it boggles my mind that these people's lives are not celebrated openly by everyone. Bessie Stringfield (1911-1993), otherwise known as The Motorcycle Queen of Miami, is one such story. My better half, Jennifer, sent me a link to a Rejected Princesses the other day that celebrates women from history who were too awesome, awful, or offbeat for kids' movies, at least, according to Jason Porath, author of Rejected Princesses: Illustrated Tales of History Boldest Heroines, Hellions, and Heretics. The story of Bessie Stringfield is beautifully illustrated and gives readers a glimpse into an undoubtedly inspiring woman who defied convention and lived a life less ordinary. Porath sympathetically tells Bessie's story in such a way that leaves you wanting to learn more about her life and adventures. His approach, using illustrations, makes the story come alive all that much more. What's more, his entire website is a treasure trove of information about women from all over the world. My only problem with this entire series, let alone the wonderfully illustrated book about Bessie Stringfield is that I didn't think about doing this first. Well done Mr. Porath!