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Interview With A Biker - Cory Ovans By Sahra Ross

Pic © Cory Ovans
No matter who you are or what kind of bike you own, you are a biker. There are many kinds of bikers; scooter bikers, dirt bikers and motorcycle bikers. Each and every one of them are bikers but the reasons they ride are different. I interviewed a biker and his name is Cory Ovans (a.k.a. Christmas (because every biker needs a biker name). He is 23 years of age and has been riding for about 12 years. He owns a dirt bike as well as a dark green and black Kawasaki KLR 650.

Pic © Cory Ovans
The reason people start riding bikes are all different, Cory started biking because he wanted to go fast and it was something that he could drive around the farm.  He said that bikes are more “versatile than a four wheeler” that was why he rode a bike. But later on the reasons changed from being used for work to riding for freedom. He says that biking is like flying but close to the ground, wind in your face and hair. Cory also said that “biking is like hiking, you get to see all the new places without doing the physical exercise.” Most people have role models; either someone you are close to or someone you know of.  Cory looks up to three people in the biker community; Steve Tucker, Eric Pritchard, and Steve McQueen. When I asked what he thought about dare devils, Cory said that he thinks they are cool and it’s good for the sport, these people promote bikes. He also said he would never do it because it’s crazy.

Pic © Cory Ovans
Cory will stick to riding and dirt biking. He doesn’t compete in races now but he would like to compete in vintage races and competition races like trial races. He told me that “trial races are slow moving technical dirt bike riding on specialized bikes. You have to go through short sections of trail without touching the ground with your feet.” There are many people who are on the fence and against buying bikes because of the possibility of injury. If you don’t have the proper equipment you can risk neck, leg, ankle injuries and far worse. Cory has a two week old bump on his leg that won’t go away. I asked Cory if he had to persuade someone to buy a bike how he would do it. Maybe Cory can convince a couple of people who don’t ride to buy a bike. “Try one, you’ll like it and if you’re ever on the road; the best advice I’ve ever gotten was “Pretend like everyone else is trying to kill you”, and just ride safely you’ll be fine.” There are different kinds of bikes you can ride and different kinds of bikers. But no matter who you are, you can join a community that welcomes you because you are some kind of biker. So try a motorcycle, a scooter or a dirt bike, you might find that you’ll like it.


I would like to thank Cory Ovans for taking the time to be interviewed and for letting me have the honour of sharing his story.

About Sahra Ross

Sahra Ross studied at Champlain College Lennoxville located in Quebec, Canada. Interview With A Biker - Cory Ovans was written as part of a class project for a course titled Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Studies in the Department of Humanities.

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