Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lennoxville Classic Car Meet!

If you are ever in the Eastern Townships on business or pleasure and should you be near Lennoxville on a Tuesday evening, drop by and meet the lads and lasses who come by once a week to talk about cars, trucks and anything else related to yesteryear. From one off Chryslers (based on a prototype that never saw the light of day) to muscle cars, these folks are warm and friendly and will make you feel welcomed. They took a particular liking to our kids, as one gentleman said, "we need to get the young ones interested; otherwise what will happen to our cars?" He isn't wrong either. With western cultures like Canada wanting everything to be new, the classic car crowd isn't what it use to be. These cars are something to be cherished and admired but they are also a piece of history. So we went a couple of times this summer and took the following pictures. Though, there are plenty more to see, so you'll just have to drop by next spring for a peek!

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