Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

iN SeArcH oF WoNdEr WoMeN - fEmInIsM, wOmEn & tHe LaW!

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This semester I was given the opportunity to teach a new (to me) course at Bishop's University WOM120 Women & The Law. Admittedly, it was the first time that I taught a course with its core in feminism. However, that didn't stop me from giving my students the opportunity to make it their own as well. By exploring and relating to how women have been subjected to patriarchal societal rules and regulations in every aspect of their lives, it begs the question how, or if any, meaningful change can take place. This applies to not only the basic fundamental human rights of women everywhere but equally, how women are perceived in cultures around the world by both men and other women. Whilst it is true that women in North America have made great strides in recent history, it is equally evident that they continue to be subjected to the very norms and values that threatened their freedom and basic civil liberties. The same can be seen in other Western societies, let alone regimes that still subject women to discrimination and prejudice based on cultural gender norms and even gendercide. Wonder Women from all over the world have and continue to make valuable contributions to their family, community and society at large.

By Lauren Nelis
These Wonder Women fight not only for equal rights but through their voice, they can effectively help shape a society’s understanding and need for equality for all. Women continue to face hardship, danger and sometimes death in order to fight for what are inevitably inalienable rights. Thus, the purpose of this special project is to have students examine the life of and contribution of one woman from anywhere in the world. Students chosen Wonder Woman can be someone from history whose fight helped pave the way for women’s rights today in a specific country or it can be a Wonder Woman working today, like Malala Yousafzai, whose continued fight to bring equal educational rights to young girls in Pakistan won her the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. The special project was completed individually by students. Students were encouraged to use Canva.ca as it allows them to create everything from presentation slides, logos and posters. As a result, the following are the many beautiful examples that students came up with in honour of their Wonder Women!

By Darcie Talbott
By Benjamin Simard
By Élizabeth Button
By Mariah Misener
By Malayha Vaillancourt
By Marie-Emmanuelle Genesse
By Marie-Sophie Terp-Magnan
By Menka Aliosha Hurry
By Béa Mathieu Chalifoux
By Camille Cattelan
By Keven Gagnon -Coulombe
By Kerrie Rankin
By Meghan Lord
By Conor Kinsella
By Casey Bradley
By Emma Ferguson
By Austen Britt
By Angelika Homere
By Gina Lavallee Patenaude
By Katia Gagnon
By Johnny Mills
By Jessica Krauss
By Jessica Hickey
By Jenan Williams
By Hannah McLellan
By Katrina Michelle Dosado
By Haileigh Strand
By Catherine Theriault
By Claire Keddy
By Éowyn Cyr
By Laetitia Felix
By Patrick Tzitzikas

By Tia Lafave

By William Hebert-Vendramini

By Rebecca Struss

By Sandryne Poirier

By Suni Gauthier

By Oriana Ainmelk Zarate

By Paige Burke

By Paige LaPierre

By Sara Racicot 

By Vincent Lajeunesse

By Michelle Slawich

By Michael Lisella

By Sarah Clemas

By Nathalie Hébert

By Stephanie Cramp

By Shaliny Pathmanathan
By Audrey Ianniciello

By Emily Mason

By Hannah O'Donnell

By Matthew Paterson

By Sabrina Merrill Arpin

By Stephanie Cunningham-Reimann

Virginie Bédard
By Emma MacCuaig

About The Artists

My students are presently studying at Bishop's University located in Quebec, Canada. iN SeArcH oF WoNdEr WoMeN - fEmInIsM, wOmEn & tHe lAw! was completed as part of a special project for WOM120 Women & The Law in the Department of Sociology.

About WOM120 Women & The Law

This course provides a comprehensive study of the political and legal development of the status of women in Canada, by way of: feminist theory, the division of labour, political culture and human rights. The objectives include an appreciation and understanding of feminist political theory and general principles of legal jurisprudence. In addition to the latter, this course will draw from a variety of disciplines including but not limited to social and cultural anthropology, sociology, and cultural geography.

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  1. Bravo to all! All the posters are amazing and each is unique in their own way. It is so inspiring to see the many faces and hear the stories of those who fought, and still continue to struggle for gender equality!!