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Meet Rosie (Diamond Heart) Corbin - Our Sable German Shepherd Puppy!

Meet Ms. Rosie (Diamond Heart) Corbin
As we drove down to Saint-Casimir, Quebec to Élevage De Juco I couldn't help but feel as though my wife and I were somehow completing a rite of passage that many families have gone through over the course of the last century. I had been promising my family a puppy for as long as they could remember and with our recent house purchase, I ran out of excuses as to why it wasn't a good time. I never doubted my family's ability to be amazing puppy/dog owners. I just lacked the confidence that I  had anything of value to contribute. In any case, we knew that above all else the most important thing would be temperament. We decided on a German Shepherd for a variety of reasons, notwithstanding their long lasting reputation for being amazing family pets with an IQ slightly higher than my eight year old. 😏

Thankfully nobody had chosen our little Rosie!
Pic © Élevage De Juco
Jennifer, my beautiful soulmate, is pretty much a pet whisperer. She can look at a picture of any pet and be able to determine whether they are right for us or not. So when she found herself involuntarily pressing send on a message that would inevitably secure our very own German Shepherd puppy with Élevage De Juco, I could understand why. The picture of our Rosie spoke to all of us and admittedly, we were actually very surprised (if not shocked) when we saw that she hadn't been adopted by another family yet!

The Ride Home!
For the last six to eight months we have been reading up on German Shepherds and watching YouTube videos about German Shepherds. In particular, German Shepherd Man and Simpawtico Dog Training have been brilliant and really helped us prepare for our Rosie in so many ways. There are many other great videos and channels, let alone websites and books, but these two channels in particular helped us understand how we need to approach being puppy parents. We read over anything and everything including the good, the bad and the just plain scary. So it was with both trepidation and excitement that we found ourselves pulling into Élevage De Juco's driveway. We were ready to walk away puppiless if need be. However, as you can see, Jennifer's choice worked out well (as always) and Rosie spent the majority of our two and a half hours home sleeping on her.

Family Meet & Greet!
Jennifer's choice in Rosie also complimented our cats personalities. Not one kitty hissed at the sight of a foreign animal in the house. In fact, I am still surprised at how all three cats just approached Rosie as though she had always been a part of the family pack. They didn't even treat each other this way when they first met one another. We still have so much to learn (obviously) but thanks to our preparation over the last several months and Élevage De Juco raising of our Rosie over the last eight weeks, we managed to get our little puppy off to a good start thus far!

Children Feeding Rosie By Hand!

Wulfric Decides to Check Rosie's Crate For Any Bedbugs!

Wulfric Collecting Rent From Rosie!

Rosie Checking Out One Of Two Crates!
This one will be her sleeping crate (at night and if she sleeps)...

Kingsley Giving His Seal of Approval! 

Petrova Was Somewhat Suspicious But Welcoming Nevertheless!

They Love Me; They Really Love Me!
What A Rosie Life!

Rosie's Father - Zulf vom Bismack (IPO3)
Pic © Élevage De Juco

Rosie's Mother - Laika
Pic © Élevage De Juco
As per the advice of so many of you, we did get to meet Rosie's mother, Laika. Unfortunately Zulf was already gone by the time Rosie was ready to be picked up. Rest assured, however, that Élevage De Juco is above board and everything has been done to ensure that their dogs are bred properly and are as healthy as they are wonderful to be around. In fact, when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised at how socialized their puppies were. With several children and cats of their own, each puppy has the opportunity to explore life as a pet over their eight weeks or so with mum and dad. It was an ace operation and a relief to see that they had put so much time and love into raising their puppies right!
Rosie Has Already Won The Hearts of Us All
Including Our Cats!
We really took to heart the advice given on how to choose a puppy. We were prepared to even walk away today had we not found a puppy whose temperament didn't fit our family's needs. Afterall, we strongly believe that the puppy needs to be as happy with us as we are with her. Sure enough, Rosie's temperament was just right. She was shy but confident enough to approach us gently; she wasn't being a land shark (so far anyways) and she was happy to be lifted and put on her back in our arms. She already is semi-trained and has not jumped up on us once, has consistently gone to the bathroom outside and is so far batting a thousand. Of course, this will likely all change by tomorrow morning as she will have recovered from the shock of being adopted. 😏

This Little Man's Dream Has FINALLY Come True!

This Is What Puppy Love Looks Like!
In case you're wondering, I am already looking into sidecars for Bambi, my 2013 Sym Wolf Classic! After all, Rosie has biker pooch written all over her. 😎 However, for now, the next year will be spent on learning how to become the best puppy parents we could hope to be. We have already signed up for puppy school in our local area and thanks to Élevage De Juco, we are already off to an amazing start! If you are looking for your next German Shepherd, why not give them a call or check out their Facebook page (see below).

Contact Information
Élevage De Juco
Saint-Casimir, Quebec
1 (418) 339-3829
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  1. For you Rosie, you will be loved and cherished. Welcome to your new loving family