Monday, April 2, 2018

Inked By Todd Beck - No. 15!

Paisley Pattern Applied to Gaps Throughout The Arm
My last appointment with Todd Beck saw the finishing touches on my right arm. Specifically, Todd spent two or three sessions adding a lovely paisley pattern throughout the gaps. Thus, I officially have two complete sleeves now. Whilst I still want to have more work done (it's an addiction, I know...), as his apprentice, my focus will be mostly on getting the remainder of the equipment necessary this spring as I hope to start tattooing on a regular part time basis starting in June or July 2018 (more on that later). Just having the opportunity to be tattooed by Todd, let alone be his apprentice, has been such a terrific experience. There isn't a fella more zen than Todd so give him a shout today if you're looking for a great tattoo! 😜

Contact Information
Todd Beck Tattoo - Facebook
 30 Rue Academy,
Lennoxville, QC J1M 1P8
Tel: (819) 791-8686

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