Thursday, May 31, 2018

Interview With A Biker - Andrew Wickett By Matthew Pye

Andrew and Taco on the Bike
For 18 years my uncle’s adventures have remained a mystery to me. Andrew Wickett has been riding motorcycles since the age of 15, before he even had a license. Riding was not just for fun though, it was necessary for him.  Getting to work and school would have been impossible without motorcycles. Andrew is a traveller, he goes on trips every year. He has traveled through every state in the continental United States and been to every Ballpark that the country has to offer. His bike is his transportation of choice. Riding a 100th anniversary Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic with all the options and engine upgrades you could imagine.  I’ve been assured by him that he gets his fair share of looks and gawking from other bikers on the road. That’s not the only thing that sets him apart he is often accompanied by his pet chihuahua Taco or his pet Pomeranian Scrapper, He told me that being with his pets adds to the experience and makes cruising on his bike just that much more relaxing.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Interview With Two Bikers - Linda & Joe Andrews By Magnolia Sims

Linda & Joe Andrews (2010)
I have chosen to talk about the sense of community and friendship that is formed throughout motorcycling. My grandmother met my step-grandfather because she rode with his mother for many years before she got sick, and her son came to the hospital, where he met my grandmother. They have been inseparable ever since. My step grandfather who suffered from a massive stroke in 2003, had to stop riding bikes due to the brain damage he suffered. The first time he rode motorcycles again was with my grandmother who wanted to give him the chance to feel that freedom again. Linda Andrews is 72, and just under five feet tall. She owns and rides Grace, a Harley Davidson 1995 Road King. Joe Andrews, 54, is an amazing man who despite facing all kinds of health problems that should’ve stopped him from riding, still continues to defy that and has started riding again with Linda.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Say What? Past & Present Contributors

About Jennifer Corbin
(aka The Old Lady)

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I have been riding motorcycles with Mario since we met in 2004. I realised it was either love or I had gone mad when we caught air on a tiny rural road near the coast of county Cork. The madness was deemed pre-existing, so we have been inseparable ever since and have three amazing kids. I’m the cats and quilts to his motorcycles and tattoos, but anyone with any sense knows those are a perfect combination anyway!

Interview With a Biker - Stanley MacDonald By Isaac Andrews

1978 Honda 400A
Stanley MacDonald (also known as Stan) is an 83-year-old who still loves bikes and rides them on occasion.  He is my uncle, and I only just found out that he STILL rides bikes.  I chose Stan because I remember him having bikes when I was younger, and he is really one of the only people I know in my family to have rode bikes.  He is a retired farmer who has owned many of bikes.  I start out by asking him what got him into bikes.  “I’m not too sure about that one.  I can’t pin point something that got me into them, I’ve always had a bike and just rode them.”  He also had a simple time getting into bikes, because no one told him not to.    Not only did he love bikes, during the winter when he had to put the bike away, he would go downhill skiing or be playing hockey.  I ask him about putting the bikes away, “Well, you know I love to downhill ski.  That’s towards the top of my hobbies, when I’m not busy on the farm.”  As a farmer, there was not a lot of time off work.  You must continuously feed the animals and do even more chores around the farm.  “Well, how do you find the time to bike?  It must be difficult.”  He tells me that it wasn’t too hard to find some spare time, “Often we went for some road trips, although not very long, me and Benita,” (His wife),” went on a trip on Sunday.  Those were generally our day off, as most farmers.”

Monday, May 21, 2018

Carpe Diem! - Setting Up A Tattoo Shop!

Bertie Keeping A Watchful Eye On My Progress
Becoming a Tattoo artist has been as much about starting a new part (full?) time career as it has been about challenging myself to re-define my understanding of happiness - particularly where work is concerned. Academia has and continues to wane in favour as the issues around the profession has been nothing if not frustrating even at the best of times as academic mobbing seems to be suffocating the energy and optimism out of so many good teachers. Adding to the latter the recent disappointments I experienced when trying to invest in other people's businesses and its become clear to me that I am holding myself back compared to so many younglings starting out in the tattoo profession. Hence my recent purchases ranging from a 1972 VW Bus (aptly named Bertie) to my most recent expenditure at World Wide Tattoo Supply Canada.