Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Interview With A Biker - Andrew Wickett By Matthew Pye

Andrew and Taco on the Bike
For 18 years my uncle’s adventures have remained a mystery to me. Andrew Wickett has been riding motorcycles since the age of 15, before he even had a license. Riding was not just for fun though, it was necessary for him.  Getting to work and school would have been impossible without motorcycles. Andrew is a traveller, he goes on trips every year. He has traveled through every state in the continental United States and been to every Ballpark that the country has to offer. His bike is his transportation of choice. Riding a 100th anniversary Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic with all the options and engine upgrades you could imagine.  I’ve been assured by him that he gets his fair share of looks and gawking from other bikers on the road. That’s not the only thing that sets him apart he is often accompanied by his pet chihuahua Taco or his pet Pomeranian Scrapper, He told me that being with his pets adds to the experience and makes cruising on his bike just that much more relaxing.

Route 66 and Andrew’s 100th Anniversary Harley Davidson Ultra Classic 
His adventures have lead to many interesting encounters, especially with 1% groups.  One of his more interesting experiences happened in the Arizona Desert. After suffering a heat stroke he made it to a gas station where he got water. Upon leaving the store he realized that his bike was surrounded by multiple Hell’s Angels. To his surprise, they helped him get back on his feet and he was sure that they stayed until he was okay to ride again. Andrew is a proud biker, who believes that if you’re going to ride, you’ve got to start and finish the journey. He doesn’t give much care to people who don't put in the effort. If you tow your bike to California, ride it for a day, and put it back on the trailer, he’s got no time for you. He mentioned how whenever he parks his bike he usually parks by himself. Sooner or later, he’ll come back, only to find that he’s been surrounded by what he jokingly calls the “old greasy bikers”. 

Andrew’s 100th Anniversary Harley Davidson Ultra Classic and Taco
For the last question of our interview, I asked Andrew “What's one piece of advice you give to someone who's new to riding motorcycles?”. He told me that it’s a dangerous world. You have to protect yourself and always be aware of your surroundings. Though he has never been in an accident before, he has seen them and he knows how dangerous it can be. Even with all of the fear of a possible accident, he finds that the added focus helps him enjoy his trips more, because he is able to notice the little things. Andrew Wickett is a true biker, it flows through his veins. With over 500,000 miles under his belt since the beginning of his travels, one could say that he’s a seasoned biker.


A special thank you to Andrew Wickett for taking the time and trouble to talk to me about his passion for motorcycles.

About Matthew Pye

Matthew Pye studied at Champlain College Lennoxville located in Quebec, Canada. Interview With a Biker - Andrew Wickett was written as part of a class activity for a course titled Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Studies in the Department of Humanities.

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