Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Say What? Past & Present Contributors

About Jennifer Corbin
(aka The Old Lady)

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I have been riding motorcycles with Mario since we met in 2004. I realised it was either love or I had gone mad when we caught air on a tiny rural road near the coast of county Cork. The madness was deemed pre-existing, so we have been inseparable ever since and have three amazing kids. I’m the cats and quilts to his motorcycles and tattoos, but anyone with any sense knows those are a perfect combination anyway!

About Percy Hart
(aka Junkyard Villain)

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Music has always been about human connection and emotion for me. I write and sing about memories and feelings within my life from my heart, and I do so for me. My reward is when a connection and/or an emotion is made with people who feel something from one of my tunes. For this, I am and always will be grateful.

Crystal Marie
(aka Eternal Sunshine)

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I'm a mother of a beautiful 1 year old daughter, I've been a tattoo artist for 6 years now, both are the loves and passions of my life, I've been around tattoos and bikes my whole life, in one way or another, all things art and oddity interest me, I've been more drawn to the darker side of art, gothic art if u will , yet I also enjoy the bright and colorful side as well, I guess u could say its a unique mix of extrovert and introvert things

About Sabya Sachi Ghosh
(aka The Artist)

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Artist, Adventurer and Royal Enfield Enthusiast. Sabya Sachi Ghosh is a self-taught artist. He is neither orthodox nor unconventional. No one guides him thus he guides himself and there lies his advantage. He is extremely carefree and spontaneous with his various styles and expression, building his own realm of creation, where he reigns supreme.

Sandy Bird 
(aka The Frozen Canuck)

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Finding my paradise on two wheels... a woman's motorcycle journey. I live in northern Ontario Canada and spend the winter in Florida. My ride is a Harley Sportster and I love finding the road less travelled. Writing has been flowing through my fingers since I can remember. It allows me to express myself in a way that I could never accomplish with the spoken word. My passion for riding a motorcycle is in a way parallel to it. Both give me a sense of self, a freeing of spirit and a rush of embracing a journey to the unknown. To be able to do both is invigorating. Riding is my intoxicating natural high that liberates my soul, I feel alive!

Chris Thomson
(aka Beakster)

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Chris, originally from Scotland, is currently living on a small tropical island in Indonesia.  After 10+ years in IT he decided to pursue a career in the Scuba Diving industry.  When he's not diving Chris enjoys playing the ukulele, gourmet cheese, and looking after the island's many stray cats.

Patrick Fawcett
(aka Patch)

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I care about the simple things in life – expensive houses, fine dining and speedboat races through the canals of Venice. Or I would, if I hadn’t made a series of choices in life that didn’t exactly lead down Money Street, such as studying journalism, or doing art. But don’t worry, because I’ve got a blog now that’s going to turn everything around. I was born in Zimbabwe in the years prior to its political meltdown. At eight, I moved with my family to Ireland, where I grew like a small mushroom in its damp climate, before drying out thoroughly during a brief stint in Australia. For the last four years however I’ve lived in Denmark, mostly in a forest, cooking vegetarian food for large groups of people and attempting to master the difficult pronunciation of Danish. I still draw most days, and will hopefully be posting some of my work up here on this blog.

Roland Clairvoyant
(Rolly Rider)

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My friends call me "Rolly". I was born in France in 1965 but moved to Canada with my parents in 1966... so I am more Canadian than French :) I have many hobbies but my favorite is riding my bike. I did ride a trail bike when I was a teenager, but it was during a short time. I am back on a motorcycle since 2013 and I love it. I started on a used 1999 Yamaha V Star XVS1100 Classic just to be sure I still had that passion in me, even if now I realized that you never loose it, people who ride motorcycles are bikers forever. This year (2017) I will start my bike season with a new motorcycle. After reading reviews and watching lots of videos I finally decided to go with the 2016 Kawasaki VN1700 Vulcan Vaquero. The dealer made me a very nice offer adding few freebies (passenger backrest & floorboard, luggage rack, and motorcycle cover) all this with no extra charge. I was very happy with that deal. Now the most painfull period is to wait for spring arrival before I can take delivery of my new bike. I can't wait to start riding on it, and I am looking forward to feel the power of the 1700cc 103.7cubic-inches engine, should be a lot more aggressive than my previous motorcycle. When I'm out on my bike I mainly ride at the other side of the border because the road conditions are better, however I feel something special in me each time I cross the border and ride in places I never went before, it's like being born again. I am very glad to be here, I thank BSJ for inviting me, and I hope I will be a great addition to this blog. Looking fwd to read you ! ;-) (I appologize for the typo) :)

Wolf Raaen
(aka Vagabond on Wheels)

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Immigrated to Canada in 1970 and have been lucky to be able to spend a good part of my life traveling around the world, off and on, to explore what’s out there and see how “real” people live. Never was a fan of routine and doing what’s expected of me or what society dictates. I discovered riding about 12 years ago (after spending countless hours staring at and dreaming about motorcycles at various dealerships) realizing that it was yet another means of exploring a new world of tucked away scenic wonders, roads less travelled and forgotten places. The reward is a certain freedom and satisfaction I derive from exploring new territory, meeting new people and just plain being “out there”.  I enjoy the feeling of a Vagabond or Nomadic lifestyle, wandering from place to place with no apparent home or goal. Nothing feels better than being out early in the morning with the sun rising, alone or in good company and absorbing the sights, smells and scenery around you…

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