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A Couple That Rides Together, Stays Together - Nancy Godbout and Stéphane Roberge By Virginie Lévesque

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When I hear about bikers, my first thought goes to the real ones. The ones who would take a whole weekend just to go somewhere on their motorcycles, the ones who would just ride for a whole day, following the roads without having a destination planned. The people I decided to interview, Nancy and Stéphane, friends of my parents, are living a really busy life. Between Nancy’s projects as an entrepreneur, Stéphane’s challenges as an engineer and their daughter’s dance competitions all around the province, I was surprised they’d still have the time to enjoy such a hobby. I, therefore, decided to question them about how their interest in motorcycling was first discovered and how they can now share it despite their busy lifestyle.

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Nancy first sat as a passenger on a motorcycle at about 16 years old when her boyfriend at that time had one himself. Stéphane used to ride a small motorcycle in fields and small trails when he was as young as 12 to 13 years old. But agreed that the feeling of freedom is what got them passionate about bikes.  As Nancy stated, you’re not stuck in a car, which also, unfortunately, makes you feel less protected. However, the feeling of the wind on your face is totally thrilling. Even though they both knew about motorcycling before they met, Nancy had never rode one herself, therefore, when Stéphane shared his interest to take a course, she decided to give it a shot as well. It sounded funny to her at first; she kept asking herself were we really going to be doing this at 40 years old? After taking the course and riding for a while, the best advice they’d give to someone wanting to try motorcycling is to make sure they have the money for it. It is pretty expensive and people usually don’t necessarily realize it. You also have to know what your interests towards motorcycling are. Nancy and Stéphane aren’t the type to just grab their bike and ride all day to come back home at night. They mostly prefer for it to have a certain objective. For instance, if they’re going to visit some place, friends or family and the weather is nice, they’ll be happy to ride. Nancy rarely rides on her own, but Stéphane loves to ride to work when the weather is adequate.For now, they do not feel like they are truly making the most out of their motorcycles, but they are looking forward to enjoying it when their daughters leave the family house and they have more time in their hands. They also shared their interest in travelling one day, when they’re able to have all the equipment to do so.

In conclusion, Nancy and Stéphane are definitely passionate about motorcycling and are looking forward to enjoying this passion even more when they have more time to do so. I wish I would have asked more about their daughters; like what they think about their parents riding and if they think they would enjoy riding with them as passengers. But overall, I was glad to hear about how motorcycling can totally be a hobby even for the busiest of us.


Special thank you to both Nancy Godbout and Stéphane Roberge for taking the time to let me interview the for this special project.

About Virginie Lévesque

Virginie Lévesque studied at Champlain College Lennoxville located in Quebec, Canada. A Couple That Rides Together, Stays Together - Nancy Godbout and Stéphane Roberge was written as part of a class activity for a course titled Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Studies in the Department of Humanities.

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