Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Friday, June 22, 2018

Interview With A Biker - Daan Langeveld By Emilie Rodgers

Daan's Honda ST1100
Daan Langeveld is not your typical family man. Although he works a regular job at the local Toyota dealership and lives up the street from my house. He is part of a smaller group of the population who often get judged for what they ride but are usually nicest people around. He is a biker! Daan decided to get his motorcycle licence with his friend, Chad, five years ago. He has always been passionate about anything with a motor. He has already owned a four-wheeler, a three-wheeler and a skidoo. So the next step was to get a motorcycle licence and see if he liked it. And well, he did.

Daan Completed His Course At Sur 2 Roues!
Daan actually bought his first bike from his teacher at his motorcycle school called moto Sur 2 Roues. “So when they give you the course, it’s all small bikes and they’re not worth much because there’s no sense for them to put a lot of money into them. So they show you the tricks of the trade and then at the end of the course you have to do a, I believe a 2 hours where you’re on the road and you actually have to follow the guide. So we’re like 6 or 7 in a course and being 6 foot 8, my teacher turned around and he looked and me and he goes “alright…” so we stopped on the side of the highway and he said “Daan … change bikes with me” because he’s a tall guy, but not as tall as I am and his bike is like that ST 1100 which is a big bike. And so we changed and I fell in love with the bike there.” After his exam, he waited a bit and then decided to contact his teacher about the fact that his bike was for sale and ended up buying it about a month or two later. Like most people, Daan was attracted to the feeling freedom that came with driving a motorcycle. “It’s the kind of the rush, it’s not necessarily dangerous but the fact that you’re sitting on a little thing and air is wishing by your face.” Daan hopes to one day be able to ride his bike alongside his son and to be able to share that experience with him. He has also inspired his brother in-law to get his motorcycle and to buy himself a semi-trail and semi-road bike. Throughout his 5 years and counting of having his licence, Daan has met many nice people and has learned many new things about bikes. He someday hopes to be able to try motorcycle racing for a day.


I would like Daan Langeveld for taking time out of his busy schedule to let me interview him! I had a great time and learned a lot of new things.

About Emilie Rodgers

Emilie Rodgers studied at Champlain College Lennoxville located in Quebec, Canada. Interview With a Biker - Daan Langeveld was written as part of a class activity for a course titled Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Studies in the Department of Humanities.

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