Friday, June 15, 2018

Meet Leonardo (The Lion King) Corbin - Our Eight Year Old Black & Tan German Shepherd Boy!

The Lion King
We have loved having our Rosie Diamond Heart so much that we decided to adopt this beautiful eight year old German Shepherd boy two days ago. Officially named The Lion King, his previous owners called him Leo. Due to tragic family circumstances Leo found himself back at the very kennel where he began life on November 3, 2009 here in Lennoxville, Quebec. Kidjuuk specializes in breeding black and tan show line German Shepherds. We had originally put a deposit on a puppy with Kidjuuk a year ago but inevitably we were too far down the waiting list. However, I like to think of it as fate as we couldn't possibly imagine life without our beautiful Rosie who we purchased from Élevage De Juco in St. Casamir, Quebec. Leo is equally every bit a dream come true as his previous family did such a wonderful job raising him. Both Rosie and Leo have already bonded well and the two seem to have helped each other in more ways than one.

Rosie Diamond Heart
We have been working feverishly to make our Rosie Diamond Heart a good puppy. In the last three months she has been to puppy socialization school via Wouf Zone and has adapted excellently to moving house. We have plans on enrolling her in some obedience schools in the area in the next week or two as well. We have showered her with love, praise and have tried our best to ensure a strict routine that includes clear boundaries regarding behaviour as well. Yes, she is a land shark at times, but whatever quirks this breed has is forgivable by the sheer fact that they are pretty much as close to perfection as you could ever hope to get when it comes to dogs. Any issues we have had has been human error and in other instances, its been clear that we cannot provide everything that she needs at times. Cue Leo...

48 Hours Later & Rosie Has Settled Down
Not surprisingly, Leo was/is suffering the loss of his previous owner and family. Raised in a home similar to ours (e.g. three kids, etc), apparently he wasn't eating very much anymore amongst other symptoms of depression. Rosie has helped bring the puppy inside of him back out again and for some few precious moments during the day he seems able to focus on something other than his loss. Rosie is quite an expert instigating a variety of emotions depending on how tired Leo (or us) is and has managed to get him into all sorts of dog play in so short a time. Equally, Rosie has learned some much needed dog manners as Leo is quite quick to correct any puppy behaviour that is unbecoming of a German Shepherd especially. Unexpected but welcomed side benefits for us as a family has included less if not an entire eradication of land sharking by Rosie herself. I would be remiss if I didn't confess that as much as we have enjoyed owning our puppy, I don't think I ever had the kind of energy that she has ever. So having an older GS in the house has actually been really beneficial to the sanity and well-being of dogs and humans alike. ;)

Handsome Boy
This handsome boy could best be described as leonine. He is very stoic despite a sense of sadness from his recent loss but has clearly had a lifetime of love. He walks with purpose even if he is just scouting every room in the house to look for something only he knows he is looking for. He doesn't lunge at our cats or other dogs but reminds them of his stature and presence. He is one of the most obedient dogs I have ever come across and is eager to please his new adopted family. In many ways, Leo chose us as much as we chose him. He walked up to us and stared at us in such a way that begged us to try and defy his will. Naturally, we all succumbed to his charm and lovely temperament. At eight years old, all we could do now is try to ensure that the rest of his life is filled with equal love and happiness.

Thankfully This Is What A GS Puppy Looks Like After Playing With Another GS!
Rosie has changed in so many ways since we first brought her home. She will be five months old this month and we were worried that she may be too much of a handful for Leo. However, Leo is just as eager to initiate play with her as she is with him. Sadly, whilst this breed of dog is widely accepted here in Quebec, we have already come across so many ignorant people (particularly with tiny white leash-less dogs who try to attack our Rosie yet blame our leashed Rosie - but I digress). Rosie has received mostly positive attention thankfully and as stated above, its been an amazing experience owning a German Shepherd. However, I cannot help but feel as though having Leo has filled a void in her life that she was willing to live without because of her love for us. A void that she can now fill with a 110 pound teddy bear named Leo.