Saturday, January 19, 2019

From Concept To Skin: Star Wars A-Wing Fighter Collage Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

Star Wars A-Wing Fighter Collage
Using a photograph of a Star Wars A-Wing Fighter and combining both the Rebel Alliance and Jedi Order Symbol I finished this tattoo last night for a returning client. I wanted the tattoo to feel and look weathered. This was especially true of the A-Wing Fighter as I imagined it having gone through many battles and being patched up repeatedly. Chris is the same fella who had gotten the Scottish Douglas Coat of Arms before the holidays. Join the rebel alliance today or if you prefer, seize power by using the dark side! Whatever your desires, let me help you make your dreams a reality ... at least where your tattoo aspirations may lie! Book a consultation today and may the force be with you! 😉

Complimentary Aftercare Package Provided With Every Tattoo!
Upon completion of your tattoo, you will receive a mini care package courtesy of Ye Olde Cock Tattoo Emporium. This includes a measured to fit piece of UltraDerm Film Bandage (similar to Saniderm), one complimentary sachet of Hustle Butter (.25oz) and one bar of Dove Unscented soap for sensitive skin. You can also purchase a tube of Bepanthen. If you are interested in getting a tattoo done or would like to even have an old tattoo refreshed, don't hesitate to contact me today!


  1. I think this is your best one so far !!!..your lines look very clean ..colour is solid and your shading has improved 100%...well done my son !!!


  2. I love that Star Wars tattoo, it is so well done!