Friday, October 26, 2018

From Concept To Skin: Day of the Dead Girl - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

Day of the Dead Girl

I completed this lovely lady for a lovely lady in two sessions. It’s my first Day of the Dead Girl and hopefully not my last. I really enjoyed this one as I got to use a variety of colours. I felt like I was painting a mural again. Overall this was a rewarding piece in so many ways. I’ll be adding some other tattoos around it in the coming months, so stay tuned.

From Concept To Skin: Three Peas in a Pod - Inked by Mario RJ Corbin

3 Peas in a Pod

This was a short and sweet piece for a new client wanting to have something to represent his three kids. His wife already has the same tattoo. The design was created by his sister in law. Overall, an enjoyable experience. Update - this tattoo is all healed and ready to be shown off (see below).

Monday, October 22, 2018

Sneak Peek: Viking Sleeve in Progress - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

Ægir,, The Norse God of the Sea, Overlooking A Valkyrie
Here is a sneak peek at a Viking/Valkyrie tattoo sleeve that I have been working on with Mr. Houde. We finished Ægir, the Norse God of the Sea a few weeks back. There will be lightning and clouds around our lovely Valkyrie along with other details. Stay tuned for future instalments!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

From Concept To Skin: Getting Oogie Boogie With Lock, Shock and Barrel - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

Tim Burton Sleeve Part III
Ms. St. Pierre dropped by today to add to her Tim Burton inspired half sleeve that, after due consideration is becoming a full sleeve. This session was short and sweet as we added a few fan favourites including Lock, Shock and Barrel to name but a few. Like most things Burtonesque, the sleeve seems to be taking a life of its own. Ms. St. Pierre is an absolute star and pleasure to work with. Stay tuned for future instalments! 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

From Concept To Skin: Tribal Wolf - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

Tribal Wolf
For his 3rd instalment my buddy, Michel, decided to add a tribal wolf to his on going sleeve. This was a fun piece not least of all because of how well he and I get along. Though somewhat of a technical piece, not least of all because of its placement, I am thrilled with how this pup turned out! Stay tuned for future instalments! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Another Tattoo By "Weird Al" Yankovic Helped Inspire Me To Revamp My Website: YeOldeCockTattooEmporium.COM

Another Tattoo By Weird Al Yankovic

I came across this song today by "Weird Al" Yankovic and thought it was too good not to share. It helped inspire me to revamp my website and in doing so, make it more appealing to anyone with a  funny bone. Since starting to tattoo six months ago I have found myself immersed in an entirely different world filled with creativity and positive energy. Whilst there have been moments of self-doubt, indeed, even some lackluster experiences with fellow tattoo artists (you know who you are), I can't help but feel like said experiences are the minority in what has otherwise been a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. It's opened my eyes to the reality that our identities are not bound by our professions. Which is a good thing, because, despite popular opinion, academia sucks (or rather, the people who manage it).

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Fun With Henna & Mandala Designs - Flash Sale

I used elements from staedtler mandala creator and some Henna patterns that I found online. This was designed for someone with a small hand but it can be placed somewhere else or enlarged to fit any part of your body. It's a simple yet elegant design and amongst several that are now available (see below). Book a consultation today!

From Concept To Skin: It's The Little Things In Life - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

I completed this today for a client looking to add to her eclectic array of tattoos. The Ellipsis and Semicolon was completed using a 7RL and Eternal Ink (black). What began as a touch up of some script that I had completed earlier this summer turned out to be a mini tattoo session. All in all, it's the little things in life and today was no exception.

From Concept to Skin: Foreshadowing A Shadowhunter - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

I completed this piece for a former student of mine. It’s an angelic rune from the popular television show Shadowhunters. The devil is in the details and this simple piece turned out to be more of a challenge than expected. if for no other reason than the runes themselves are akin to writing. I gave it a distressed look to ensure that the three colours, pink, light purple and dark purple blended in properly. This is actually one of the first tattoos that I have done that could be completed in one sitting as I have been predominantly preoccupied with completing half and full sleeves for other clients.