Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Monday, April 29, 2019

Motives for Academic Dropout By Allister Aitken

When it comes to school dropouts, this situation is a common theme in the educational system and has never been considered a ‘rare factor' amongst teachers. Students spanning from late secondary school all the way to college and university can decide to not receive an education anymore and live life the way that they wanted it to be all along, which can lead to them either wasting their life away or leading into the life of crime. Regardless of their age, students can be influenced and peer pressured by their friends and/or family to do things that could potentially lead them spiralling into a very dark path that they might never crawl out of; this could span from addiction, family issues, not enjoying what’s being taught, a decline in mental and physical health, an illness, or lack of funds and/or parental influence to help them press on in their studies are just some of the various factors that could influence potential future scholars to drop their career in an instant. Students come in all different varieties and for the educator, it's up to them to try and convince and fuel these students to press on in their studies so that they can obtain the career of their dreams, get married, and enjoy life. Teachers aren't necessarily fully responsible to make sure that these students don't drop out of school at any point as some of the influences and issues that occur in their lives are far out of the teachers to grasp or they're completely unaware of these issues that the students, but it is their responsibility to try and check on the students to make sure if there are any problems as soon as they can. With all this information in mind, society today still asks the same common question: why do these students drop out? This research paper will help provide a much more clarified response to this question; only students in the secondary education level will be focused on and will touch upon three of the following most common reasons as to why students drop out of their academic careers. Firstly, being the addiction towards alcohol and drugs and how the constant use of these products leads towards a much lazier mindset which can spiral into far worse habits; secondly, the lack of personal and parental motivation that students receive inside and outside of school that can lead to potential mental health issues or the responsibility to even go to school; finally, unplanned teenage pregnancies that require students to drop their academic career to live out a rushed adulthood and attempt to support their newborn child all on their own with little to no experience as to how society functions.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

A Touch Of Art - Skin Deep: Social & Cultural Perspectives on Body Modification

Mastectomy Tattoos By Kelsea Kydd 

Since Samantha Barnack, Gina Gates & Felicity Bonnebez class visit on Wednesday, February 27, 2019, my students have been working hard on their art projects for my course Skin Deep: Social & Cultural Perspectives on Body Modification. My students created a variety of eclectic projects highlighting their personal interest and research into the body modifying world. Here are some of their projects for your viewing pleasure. Courses like these make teaching and learning both worthwhile and fun. :)

Ye Olde Cock Tattoo Emporium Customer Service Guarantee!

We at Ye Olde Cock tattoo Emporium believe in providing clients with a warm and welcoming environment! You will always find our artists ready and willing to greet you with a smile! Whether your visiting to buy some art or other assorted goods or if you are coming to us to get a tattoo, rest assured that our priority is to provide you with a fantastic experience. Remember, if we don't have what you are looking for or can't do the style of tattoo that you want, we will even happily recommend a studio that can. We support our fellow tattoo artists and respect the values, diversity, and beliefs of all our clients. Book a consultation today!

Friday, April 26, 2019

From Concept To Skin: Lavender Lotus - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin, Designed By Patrick Fawcett

Lavender Lotus
Pic - Jocelyn Grubb
We had the pleasure of having Jocelyn Grubb as our second client at our new shop this week! Using a photograph of a real lotus flower Patrick came up with this elegant design. A splash of magenta and lavender seems to hit all the right spots! We love floral tattoos so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a design in mind! Book a consultation today!

From Concept to Skin: The Emerald Stag - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

Former Student Turned Tattoo Client!

The Emerald Stag
Cody was our very first client at our brand new shop!! Having had his bear tattoo completed by his brother many years ago, the itch to get tattooed again proved to be too much! The Celtic knotwork and Emerald Stag are a great way to frame his original tattoo. Contact us today for a consultation!

From Concept To Skin: The Crows, The Wolf & The Snake - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin; Designed By Patrick Fawcett

The Crows, The Wolf & The Snake
Pic - Mikael Thibodeau
The Wolf & Snake were designed by Patrick Fawcett. The crows were provided by my client, Mikael Thibodeau. This was Mikael’s first tattoo and our third client at our brand new shop! Minimalist in design, the Norse Runes add a nice touch! Patrick did a fantastic job designing the Wolf and Snake in keeping with the minimalist style of the crows. Looking to have some work done? Book a consultation today!