Friday, September 13, 2019

From Concept To Skin: Live, Love, Laugh - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

Live, Love, Laugh!

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be tattooing, let alone tattooing Mr. Percy Hart (@junkyardvillain) I’d have thought you were high! But here we are today and so it has come to pass that I had the honour of tattooing a celebrity no less. Mr. Hart’s music career has been steadily growing these past few years and with each new album he comes closer to his dreams. The latter includes but is not limited to his contributions to charity events for On Rock Community Services and the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation - Rock The Cause. In fact, his newest album is now available in store and he has asked that all proceeds from the sale be donated to a local charity here in Sherbrooke, Quebec! That’s just the kind of guy that Percy is. He’s literally all ♥️! So drop by today and pick up a copy of his album while supplies last! If you are looking for a new tattoo book a consultation today!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

From Concept To Skin: With Love From Frankenstein - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

With Love From Frankenstein

Austen came by Sunday evening to have Frankie and his bride finished! Austen provided several images designed by bwanadevilart, an artist who sells framed pop culture art on Etsy. I added the moon and roses to accentuate this tale of murderous love. Given Shakespeare’s fondness for tragic prose, I think he would approve! We are delighted with how this tattoo turned out. Whilst it was Austen’s first tattoo I am sure it won’t be his last!😉 All new tattoos come with a complimentary aftercare kit. Book a consultation today!